Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reverse 30x30: White Lace Sweater

Husband, move quickly! There's sunshine! Open those blinds. Soak in some rays through the window. Oh, and take my picture. Outside. Please.

Is this what that quote sayer meant by chasing daylight? Perhaps. 

Anyway, I put on these jeans and this sweater, soon realizing how easily the outfit could be switched up just based on the finishing touches. 

What will I do with my outfits that look so much better with a scarf once warm weather strikes again? Statement necklace? Winter, you ruin me. 

Outfit number one is most suitable for work and outfit number two is what will accompany me to dinner at my parents' house tonight :)

Reversed item: sweater (Lauren Conrad)
Pants: Lauren Conrad (if I improve the picture quality on my blog, do you think I could meet her in real life? Maybe?)
Blazer: Lauren Conrad (oh, dear...)
Reversed item #2: Liz Claiborne wedges via Marshall's 
Scarf: crocheted by Momma 

Boots: Madden Girl (Mom and I think they're from Boscov's.) 
Coat: Old Navy (got it for half off of $18.99! WHAT!?) 


  1. Both outfits are very cute. I usually wear statement necklaces where I used to wear cowls. That sweater would look really cute with a bubble necklace.

  2. Haha, I love you and your LC commentary. I feel the same as you about the whole scarf thing, too. I love chunky knit scarves that I can plop on over an outfit in the winter. I do love wearing lighter weight scarves in the warmer months as well. It's especially great for when it's super hot outside, but frigid in air conditioned spaces. I'm always so amazed at just how warm a scarf keeps me!

  3. Both of these outfits are adorable! I LOVE that lace sweater. If you decide not to keep it, can I have it?? Haha. That burgundy blazer looks so incredibly perfect with it. Like wow that's a pretty outfit. Good deal on the coat! Navy is a nice color on you :)
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