Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Mustard Skinny Pants


Today's 5 Days, 5 Ways is pants. I didn't want to recreate 5 looks. I was hoping I could pull from my archives. Luckily, I have three outfits with one pair of pants, my trusty ol' mustard skinny pants from Target, the same pants a previous student has a serious objection to (for no good reason whatsoever.) Oh, and what do you know? Yesterday's outfits featured a yellow blazer. Do you think I like yellow at all?

I also pulled together two more looks on my Go Chic or Go Home account because I'm cool like that. 

Look #1: Floral blouse + mustard skinnies + red wedges + maroon blazer 

Look #2: Chambray + mustard skinnies + brown boots + bright scarf

Look #3: Lace shirt + jean blazer + mustard skinnies + plaid scarf + brown boots & belt

Now for my Go Chic or Go Home collections:

Look #4: flannel shirt + mustard skinnies + teal cardigan + brown flats 

Look #5: jean jacket + blue gingham + mustard skinnies + navy flats

I guess I don't love dressing up these pants, but I know I could. It appears I've type casted them. 
Oh well. 

So, which look is your favorite? How would you dress them up? (I guess the first look is technically dressed up, right?)

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  1. I really like these pants. I've always sort of wanted a pair of mustard pants but didn't think I could pull it off, and wasn't sure how I'd style it. But I really like the looks and colors you've put together here!

    1. Oh, you can definitely pull off these pants! I'm beginning to consider mustard a neutral :)

  2. I recently bought myself a pair of mustard skinnies - these looks are great inspiration! I especially like look one. So bright and cheery!


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