Saturday, March 16, 2013

I have a lot of clothes.

Thanks to Audrey, I started a Go Chic or Go Home account. I spent an entire sick day uploading photos to the site. What is this site, you ask? Well, it allows you to upload pictures of clothes from your own closet in order to create outfits. It's like Pinterest married Cher's program from Clueless.

I've been tinkering around on the site, and here are the features that I like:

1. Just like with Pinterest, you can create your own boards (Ex: "My Outfits" and "Wish List") and follow other members' boards. You can add their items to your boards and vice versa.

2. If you don't feel like taking pictures of your clothes, you can find similar items online or on other members' boards and upload them to your own boards.

3. Your closet is laid out in front of you, and you can simply drag and drop items from your closet to create ensembles. This frees up that chunk of my closet that I use to lay out outfits for the week and then never wear because it rains or snows or it's too hot or I'm too lazy to wear tights with that skirt.

4. You can see other ensembles created by other users.

5. You like outfits on Pinterest and can never remember which items in your closet that you wanted to use to recreate the outfit? No problem anymore. In your ensembles, you can drag and drop an inspiration picture and then drag and drop your closet items into the same ensemble. So cool.

If I actually have to take the time to upload pictures and create my virtual closet, why am I using this program?

Well, Jeff and I really want to move closer to work (the hour+ commute is straight up destroying us), but there's a problem with that plan: it's expensive to live near my work. REALLY expensive. And we overpaid for this house. And we don't have enough saved for a down payment on the next house. As a result, I need to do less spending and more saving. I'm hoping that Go Chic or Go Home will remind me of what I own, what I can wear, what I should not buy a double of, and prevent me from needlessly shopping to fill some emotional void. I'm not a stress eater. I'm a stress shopper. Big time. At this point, I think I'd rather add some pounds to my frame than lose some money from my bank account.

Additionally, for at least the month of April, I plan to join up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers. I expect you ladies to keep me honest.

Please enjoy two of the ensembles that I created. (Yes, I've created many more than two, but I'm showing you only these. You'll have to join to see more!) :

1. I don't actually own those nude heels, but I didn't think I really needed to take a picture of mine. 
2. See my inspiration picture? I actually read enough fashion blogs to know where that one came from. 
3. All of the other pictures feature actual clothes from my real-life closet. 

1. I don't have the inspiration picture's actual top, but I have one of a similar color that will work just as well. 
2. The inspiration picture's scarf is black and white. I don't have one that's black and white, but my navy and white striped scarf will do the trick. 

I definitely recommend this site. It was well worth the time I spent to set up my virtual closet. Move over, Pinterest fashion board, there's a new kid in town.


  1. I have an account too. I just started it a month or so ago. It's nice seeing all of your clothes at once. I've come up with some new combos I wouldn't have thought of. I still only have my work clothes uploaded but not my jewelry or my every day clothes. I need to get around to that :)

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