Thursday, March 28, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Wedding Dress *gasp*

I bet you saw this title and thought, "seriously? No, she can't be serious." Oh, she's serious. And you know she's serious if she's speaking in the third person. *Shudder* I hate speaking in the third person. 

However, I do not hate this dress. If it were socially acceptable to wear my wedding dress every day, I totally would. The dress is obviously not as wonderful as my husband, but it comes a very close second. 

Ladies, I know you will hate me for saying this, but it must be said: it is not easy shopping for wedding dresses when you're built like a small boy. They try to strap you down and suck you in with all of those snack bag clips, but that jazz just doesn't cut it. There are bubbles in awkward places. A random button pokes out in an inappropriate place. It's just all wrong. The hardest part for me was finding a place that sold dresses close to my size so that I had an inkling of an idea about what looked good on me. 

I already had one very important criteria: absolutely no strapless. I hate strapless dresses; they never fit right. I don't have the business to hold them up. 

I thought I wanted lace. I tried on lace. I scratched as if someone had thrown me at an itchy tree and then dunked me in poison ivy. Okay, not that bad, but I was uncomfortable. I wanted to peel off every lace dress and burn it. Lace was a no go.

I said no mermaid. I actually have hips, and I didn't want to look all odd shaped. Welp, I ended up with the mermaid dress because I felt hot. My husband is a butt man (TMI?), and this dress hugged my bum in all the right places. 

Best moment of my wedding day? As soon as I made it down the aisle, out of the side of his mouth, my husband said (for only me to hear), "you look reeeally hot." Major ego boost. 

On to the pictures. 

Shoot #1: The Wedding Day (obviously)
(Credit: Eric Stocklin Photography)

Shoot #2: Post-wedding shoot with my good friend, Christine
I wanted some relaxed shots, so we hung out with my friend and took some shots in a nearby park.

Name that allusion.

The duck face never looked so good.

Shoot #3: Helping out my photographer
If, after your wedding, your photographer says, "hey, would you mind putting on your wedding dress and getting free shots of yourself at a really pretty venue," you say YES. Where do I sign in blood? That is what you do, ladies. 

He let me keep this bouquet! :) 

And, in case you want to see them all in one place, here you are:

How many more times can I wear my dress and still maintain my dignity? 


  1. I love to see wedding pictures! Good job on getting to wear it three times!!May I suggest a fourth way? Just put it on and prance around the house a while, admiring yourself in the mirror. Thats what I do about once every two years!

  2. Awww! This was so creative! I'm glad that you shared this in our link up. Your wedding dress is amazingly beautiful--and you two look so happy!


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