Monday, March 11, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Blackbean Spaghetti, Chicken, & Broccoli Puree

So, I am hoping to make Tasty Tuesday a weekly installment. My husband makes a meeeean meal, which is why I call him Jeff Boyardee. 
We've started getting into what's called the anti-inflammatory diet because it will possibly help with my Sjogrens. I first read about the diet in a Dr. Weil magazine. I bought three books on it this past weekend. I've got some reading to do! 
Anyway, I'll share more on that at a later date, but let's move on to the recipe. 

Today's Recipe: Blackbean Spaghetti, Applewood Chicken, & Broccoli Purre

I took a picture after I took a bite. It was sooo delicious.

I'll be honest: this pasta worried me. I thought "black beans? Uh oh, I don't need any help staying regular" but I figured that it was on sale. How bad could it be? NOT BAD AT ALL. 
Scrumptious, in fact.

Here's what the bag looks like:
Source Image
(I found it at a local natural market.)

I asked my darling husband to write up the recipe so that I could share it with blogland, and he happily did :) I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did. I'm excited to eat it for lunch tomorrow!

For the record, it is of his creation!

Jeff’s Black Bean Spaghetti with Applewood Chicken and Broccoli Sauce

-Black bean spaghetti (Explore Asian Authentic Cuisine)
-Broccoli (2 heads about the size of your hand)
-Boneless chicken breasts (1 per person)
-Olive oil
-Applewood dry rub (Grill Mates)
-Fresh garlic
-Grated Parmesan Cheese

Preparation and Cooking (Start with getting the chicken going, as it takes the longest, and then once that is on the heat work on the broccoli.  The pasta can be last minute as it takes no time at all.)

              1)    Start by butterflying the chicken breasts and slashing them with horizontal cuts to help cook faster.
2)    Put some olive oil in a searing pan along with some coarsely chopped garlic
              3)    Set the heat to medium to allow the oils in the garlic to heat up and blend with the olive oil
           4)    Spread some of the applewood rub on both sides of the chicken breast along with some tarragon (unique scent while cooking, but smooth taste)
               5)    Once you can see some bubbles in the oil or after about 3-4 pops of the oil, GENTLY lay the chicken breast down on the pan
               6)    I put a lid on it to help cook faster, so it takes about 8-10 minutes each side (first rotation)      
                and then I let it go for another 3-4 minutes each side to brown the meat and ensure the inside is white.
7)    Remove from heat
8)    Slice into bite-size portions and set aside

     1)    Cut broccoli heads into bite-size pieces
     2)    Put about 1” of water at the bottom of the pot to keep things steaming and not burning
           3)    Put the broccoli in the water at high heat and a lid on the pot.  Every 2-3 minutes shake the  
      pot around with the lid on to move the broccoli around a bit.  The darker green it gets, the more it is      
          getting steamed.  Usually about 10 minutes on high heat with constant movement and sealed lid will be enough.
        4)    Place all steamed broccoli into a blender along with whatever little water is left (adds flavor), 2
         Tbsp. of butter, about ½ cup of olive oil (if the mixture is really thick, add a little more olive oil
           until it has the consistency of tomato sauce), about 3-4 tbsp of chopped basil and salt to your liking.
5)    Blend it all and ensure it’s all thoroughly mixed.

1)    Boil water with salt in it
2)    Place spaghetti in it and cook for about 6-8 minutes…..stir every now and again
3)    Strain water out, rinse with cold water, strain again and place in a bowl

1)    Place pasta in serving bowl (whatever your serving amount is….mine is normally a lot J )
2)    Place a chicken breast equivalent of sliced chicken on top of the pasta
     3)    Pour in broccoli sauce to coat the pasta and chicken like you would with spaghetti sauce.  It looks off putting because of the color, but the taste makes up for it.
4)    Cover the dish with grated Parmesan to your liking and serve.

Total prep/cook time: ~30 minutes
Serves about 4 people with the amount of sauce you make with the 2 heads of broccoli. 

Let us know if you try it and like it!
Here it is again...
Obviously, the black stuff in the middle is pasta. 


  1. Look so good! Where did you find this recipe?


    1. My husband came up with it :) He's quite the chef!

  2. I have been seeing Black Been pasta all over! It actually tastes good? I am hesitant to buy it, but I do love black beans. Does it TASTE like regular pasta or black beans?

    1. It surprisingly tastes good! It has the consistency of pasta (not all mushy) but the flavor of black beans. It's definitely worth trying. I promise!

  3. Just read something today stating that Venus William also has Sjorgens. You're in good company at least.


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