Friday, March 15, 2013

Tips for Reviving Unloved Clothing

As I wait for this headache to subside so that I can take a nap, I'm going to show you the outfits I tried on in the moments I felt well yesterday. It's a shame that dress up didn't cure me for good.

Why did I try on these things? Well, at least part of every outfit has been neglected for a long time, so it was time to revive them.

I need to train myself to stop buying more clothes, and if I force myself to fall in love with everything already in there, which is all lovely, then it might help curb my addiction.

I never wear this dress because it's strapless. I'm not savvy enough with a sewing machine to turn it into a skirt, so I folded under a shirt and covered the bottom with a thick belt.
Not worn much: Dress
Worn often: White blouse

I just haven't worn this dress yet. Not sure why. This outfit needs some color.  I think I'll add a fun turquoise necklace. 
Not worn much: Dress
Worn often: Leopard belt and shoes (not pictured)

I never wear this oxford (NO idea why), so I paired it with a color combination that I like.
Not worn much: Button up
Worn often: Pants

I never wear this oxford, so I paired it with navy and white. Navy goes with everything. It's like the Windex of a wardrobe. It cleans up anything.
Not worn much: Button up and skirt (which still had tags on it)
Worn often: Striped blazer

Yet again, navy saved the day. I bought this orange button down last year, and it still had the tags, and so did this skirt. I paired them with a navy blazer that I love. 
Not worn much: Button up and skirt (both still donned tags)
Worn often: Navy blazer

The last look was work appropriate. I decided to find a weekend look, too. I think this one fits the bill.
Not worn much: Button up
Worn often: Jean jacket and skirt

I really love this outfit. The colors make me so happy. I never wore this button up either. What is wrong with me? 
Not worn much: Button up
Worn often: Skirt (well, I wore it a lot last spring and summer)

My Tips for Reviving Unloved Clothing:

1. Pair it with a color combination that you love.

2. Pair it with a well-loved item.

3. Try a new-to-you color combination. 

4. Hunt for two unworn items that go together. 
(Example: I never wore the orange button up and khaki skirt, but they actually make a good pair.)

5. Do a specific search on Pinterest or Google for that item--
(Example: "Navy blazer" or "orange shirt")--
and pin pictures of outfits that you like with that article of clothing.
Sometimes, I buy something new like red pants and immediately hunt for inspiration on Pinterest to make sure I already have enough in my closet to go with that item. This tip helps me validate, or sometimes invalidate, the purchase. 

6. Do a search on Pinterest for that color
Pull your inspiration from fashion or interior design. If you like a room's color scheme, then apply it to your wardrobe choices. If you like the way colors of certain foods go together, then apply that color scheme to your outfit selection. 

(Note: these tips can work for re-imagining well-loved clothes.)

What are your tips and tricks?

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  1. I love orange, navy and blue! I have a very similar outfit to that. Also the green with yellow necklace. I am a big fan of searching Pinterest to reimagine an item. I also will take an item and start holding it up to other pieces in my closet until I find a combo that I like.
    You should definitely wear these items more! I love how you paired them all

  2. What fantastic ideas! I have found myself doing all of your tricks; I often find myself searching on Google or Pinterest for ways to wear a specific item. Thanks for linking up :)


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