Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Style

I went nowhere other than the grocery store and my living room couch yesterday, but I still sported all sorts of shades. After years of getting pinched, I've been trained to wear green on St. Paddy's (proper spelling) Day. I didn't want some random shopper at Giant to smurf bite me. My brother's given me enough of those over the years. 

I feel like I need to provide you with something witty today, but I have nothing. Nothing, I tell you. However, I do have this...

Apparently, my hair tries to escape when I hop on the elliptical. 

And this...
She wanted to work out, too. I'm not sure that would have went too well. 

And look what came in the mail today...
Hellooooo, beautiful yellow blazer.
Fear not: I will be coming up with an outfit for it this week. 

And finally, this...
Are you a fan of my SEVEN DOLLAR Calvin Klein jeans from Marshall's? 
You should be. Why wouldn't you be?

Only gold shoes seemed appropriate for the occasion. 

A tad grainy, but I'd like to call it impressionistic. Yeah, that sounds fancy.
(Truly, I just wanted you to have a closer glimpse of my $7 earrings from Target. pants and earrings cost the same amount. Weeeird.)

Outfit Deets:
Jacket: Forever 21
Sweater: Target
Earrings: Target
Scarf: Target
(we have a winner, folks.)
Gold heels: Jessica Simpson via I have no idea
Brown belt: NY & Co (love their belts)
Jeans: Calvin Klein via Marshall's

I'm hanging out over at Molly's today. 

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  1. Cute new blazer! Loving your scarf and cardigan!


  2. Visiting from Molly's. I do love a good pop of yellow! It's slowly becoming one of my favorite colors. You nailed it with your layers of green too. Cute!


  3. Love the entire look! Green, gold and denim, can't go wrong! Great deal on the jeans!


    1. Thanks :) I feel like leprechauns have it right: gold and green. Marshall's is the best, right?

  4. You will love your yellow blazer! I have one from New York & Co and wear it death. Love your scarf too. Oh yeah, and the puppy :) Heather

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited about this blazer. I've been searching for a yellow one. I currently have about 40 in my collection. I'm straight up a blazer hoarder. New York & Co. has such great blazers!

  5. Love the look, but especially love the scarf! Too cute!

  6. OK. Now Im going to go get those earrings. I saw them, thought about them, and passed them by. But seing how great they look on you


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