Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Take a Moment to Laugh

Every time I speak with a new teacher (or an intern), I give them the following advice, which applies to both teaching and life: 

Find a reason to laugh. Every day. 

I tell you what, folks, as soon as I adopted this simple mantra, life felt more fulfilling. 

Allow me to present you with a few things that people posted/sent me that made me laugh this week.

1. Goats screaming like humans
(I've watched this video an obscene number of times.)

If you start imitating them this week, I do not apologize.

2. My sister in law sent this picture to me, and I had a good laugh.
Source Image

3. One of my friends posted this image on Facebook. I was laughing too hard to effectively read it to my husband. 

                                                                           Source: someecards.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

    I hope these images (and the video) gave you a reason to laugh today. If your sense of humor is nothing like mine, I do apologize. 


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