Sunday, March 10, 2013

Octopus Hairs

Do you ever fight with your hair for fifteen minutes and still look in the mirror to find the tentacles of octopus hairs staring you in the face? No? Just me? Well then, you're lucky. I guess my hair wanted to actually wave hello to blogland. Please say hello in return so that it stops waving.

The day that I wore this outfit, these pants were not in the plan. In fact, I planned to wear these really cute polka dot pants from NY & Co (cannot find them online at all), but I had a serious wardrobe malfunction. Right as I was about to leave the house, I bent down to pick up my laptop bag. I heard an unpleasant sound, which I was sure couldn't be gas coming from my pants. Yep, I split the crotch of 'em, and I had bought them only three days prior. Quickly, I ran upstairs and threw on these pants. Allow me to publicly proclaim my love for these pants. Oh, pants, you're so comfortable that you feel like pajamas, which means you were the perfect pants to wear on pajama day at school. Oh, pants, you are so comfortable that it should be a sin to wear you.

I should have washed this shirt before wearing it (oh, whatever, you do it, too) because it sort of dyed the pits of the white jacket. Dangit.

These shoes are ooooold school (momma got rid of them, so I happily took them), but they're comfortable greatness. Comfortable seems to be the word of the day, folks.

That little patch of hair on the left is practicing its princess wave.

In case you wanted a view of the shirt, I took a picture for you. 
In this picture, I am trying on some clothes to replace the polka dot pants that I ended up keeping.
I'm just going to sew those bad boys.

I love everything at Gap right now, but I bought nothing. As a result, I decided that I at least needed a picture of these cute outfits. In fact, I have clothes similar to a lot of these, so I can use this picture for outfit inspiration! (You can't tell, but the pants in the middle have white polka dots on them. So stinking cute.)

My Outfit Deets:
Coat: Guess via Wilson's Leather (got it for $50 down from $280)
Pants & Shirt: Marshall's
Shoes: Naturalizer (so old that I don't know how you'd find them)--these are zebra print, which makes them fun
Blazer: White House Black Market (several years old)

Anyone else experience some wardrobe malfunctions recently?
I think I should keep a spare outfit in my classroom just in case that sort of thing happens at work. 


  1. Great flats! Love the details!

  2. I am also a teacher. I once had a hole rip in the side seam of my pants (old ones, not tight ones) at 8am . . . I used a stapler to keep them shut until the end of school. . .

    1. Hahaha! One of my friends (who is also a teacher) had to do that. I think it's happened to her two or three times already.

  3. ahh! that's horrible that they ripped so soon after you bought them! At least you were still home when it happened :)

    That blouse is such a lovely color, and I really like your shoes!

    1. I considered myself quite lucky that it happened before hopping in the car. I refused to get rid of the pants though. I'm just going to sew up those bad boys.

      You know what I like best about my shoes? They were free because Momma didn't want them anymore. Can't beat that!


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