Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bumblebees Got it Right

Black and yellow. They just go if you ask me. I like making sunshine and darkness befriend one another. Granted, I do try avoiding that whole black and yellow stripes combination because I suppose only bumblebees can pull off that look. However, black and white stripes with a pop of yellow makes for a lovely combination, right?

I considered pairing today's dress with a military vest, but I decided that look was too casual for a Tuesday at work. Plus, I keep telling myself to give more love to unloved (yet wonderful) items in my closet. Meet my sleeveless cardigan.

This necklace. OH, this necklace. It's large and in charge like my hair, which means I dig it. Plus, it's an obnoxiously bright yellow, which gives me another reason to dig it. It also cost $13 at Charlotte Russe. Triiiiifecta of awesomeness.

As for these boots, HOLY CRAP ON A STICK. Not only am I wearing sunshine, but I'm walking on clouds. These boots might honestly be the most comfortable shoes I own, and I got them for $50 (down from $140) at DSW. Because of them, I scored a free striped bag. I'm winning like Charlie Sheen over here. But, seriously, these boots are "gushy" as my Momma would say. Since she might read this post, I'll tell you a funny story about the purchase of these boots.

You see, I was in DSW with my Momma because she's my favorite person to shop with, of course. I put on the right boot and thought, "ooo, I like these." I decided to try on the left boot, but it felt funny and made this horrible squishing sound. I said, "I don't think these boots will work. They squish and feel really funny on the left foot." I took off the boots, and what did I find? That weird little plastic shoe horn was still inside of the left boot. Even my mom wonders how I got the boot on while that thing was in there. All I know is that taking it out made the boot much more comfortable, and they came home with me. They go with skirts, dresses, skinny pants, and they'll look good under pants (an important piece of criteria for this purchase.)

 P.S. I was talking to Jeff while he took these photos, which is why it looks like I'm not smiling. I really am happy. I swear.

Outfit Deets:
Dress: Old Navy (similar from Old Navy--only $20)
Belt: NY & Co (similar for $15)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (similar from Etsy shop)
Boots: b.o.c via DSW (exact for $60)
Cardigan: Old and don't know! (similar for $7.90)

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  1. So cute! Loving the yellow and black and white! Anything with stripes is cute!



  2. I love how your styled this outfit. I just bought that same necklace from charlotte russe and will have to pair it with some black!



  3. Such a cute idea! I am not sure I would have ever thought to put this look together. You look great!


  4. Love this dress! I really want it! Love how you styled it with the sleeveless cardigan and yellow

  5. What a great outfit! I've seen this dress a lot lately, but I haven't seen it paired with a vest! So creative :)


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