Monday, January 21, 2013

Striped Shirt Inspiration

Since today's outfit consists of college sweats, I thought I'd try something new. I perused my Pinterest fashion board and decided that I want to show you some stripe inspiration. Stripes are everywhere, so I'm sticking with navy and white and black and white striped shirts.

I'll also provide you with some links to similar clothes. :)

Flirty & Work Appropriate:
I love how this blogger (who's taking a hiatus...sniff sniff) paired navy with a structured blazer and flowy skirt. Since it's not summer time, you could certainly throw on a pair of tights for this look. 

Running Errands Casual:
I like this color combination, too. Mustard and navy make a pretty pair. 
Add a fun scarf & military jacket:

   Stripes + Mint:
I love her fun necklace that ties in the pants' color. If you want to sport a winter look, add a pair of camel-colored booties and a coat.

Source: via Danielle on Pinterest

She always knocks it out of the park. Seriously. I like the edgy style she has going here with the leather jacket and olive pants. 

Classic & Casual Friday: 
It makes perfect sense to add red. It just does. Also, I like that she went with a different color heel. Oh, and her scarf on the outside of the jacket? Not entirely practical if it's super cold, but I love how it looks.

Here are some of my striped shirt looks:

I hope you feel sufficiently nautically inspired. 


  1. This makes me want to buy more striped shirts. I have one thick striped one but I love the look of the skinny stripe.

    1. I own an obscene number of striped things, including shirts, haha. It's so hard not to keep buying more. Marshall's always has a lot of good ones :)

  2. Great looks! I am following you <3<3

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