Friday, August 8, 2014

Teacher Style: White Pants

I don't buy into that whole "no white after Labor Day" nonsense. My thought on the matter: if snow is white and that falls during the winter, then why can't I wear white in the winter? Aren't our seasonal color schemes typically inspired by nature anyway? Hello, mustard and burgundy to match the changing leaves of fall.

Anyway, if you're planning to squeeze in the wearing of all things white before Labor Day hits, and you're back at school before that happens, then here is the post for you. I scoured the archives for my best white pant looks at work. Feel inspired, dear readers.

Wide-Leg: New York & Co.
Bootcut: Express via Gabe's (bought 'em in middle school. WHOA.)
Cropped: White House Black market
(Cute options at the end of this post--pictures included)


Look 1: gold + stripes + yellow
(I'm getting rid of this pair, but I have another pair that fits me better. Still inspiring, I hope.)

Look 2: navy + green + cognac
How very nautical.

Look 3: cobalt + pink 
 Quite possibly my favorite color combination on the blog. Every time I pass this picture in iPhoto, the colors make me exceedingly happy.

Look 4: lime + blue and white gingham
I feel like this is sort of a variation of look 1.

Look 5: navy + pastel yellow
And now we know what colors I like to pair with white: shades of blue and yellow. What a coincidence that my wedding colors were blue and yellow. (And, obviously, I wore a white dress.) How very fitting.

 Look 6: navy + white + cognac
Simple. I dig it. If sandals are a no no at your work, swap 'em out for flats! I think this outfit makes for a smashing casual Friday look.

Look 7: pink + olive
And an adorable puppy.

There you have it. Seven looks with white pants. If you don't have white pants, you can still use the color combinations as inspiration for an outfit. For example, try a pair of olive pants with a pink top and white cardigan/blazer. 

I will be in Vegas next week to celebrate my 30th birthday (WHOA), so I'm making every effort to schedule some posts about tops while I'm gone (catch me on Instagram). The following week of August the 18th, I hope to share a week full of dresses with you.


  1. How do you still own anything from middle school? Because how are you the same size and how did your young self have the foresight to but something you would still want to wear 15 years later :)
    Also love this white pants pairings. I have a pair and was struggling with what to wear them with even though they really match everything

  2. I am STILL trying to find a pair of white pants where the pockets are not clearly seen through them. I don't know why white pants aren't made with thicker materials, nobody wants to see through your pants. But you seem to have gotten lucky not once, but three times! I literally just took a leap of faith and ordered a pair of cropped white pants through ON online, so we'll see. Look #5 and 7 are my favorites, love those color combinations!! Have fun celebrating your birthday week in style!!

  3. I can't decide which one is my favorite! It's a three-way tie between #3, 4, and 7. I am on a mission to wear my white jeans more this year, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can make that happen.

  4. I have yet to find a pair of white pants that work on me. When I do, you better believe I'm going to wear them ALL YEAR LONG!

  5. White pants are the bomb. I need to get over my fear of the tailor and get my white jeans altered so I can wear them more. Your favorite color combo outfit is one of my all-time faves, as is the last one. The olive just makes the white pop so much and those shoes, that I wish had worked out for me so I could buy, look stunning. You should wear those more often :) I hope you're having a fabulous time in Vegas!

  6. YES. Number 7 is my favorite - one of my all-time favorites of yours. Olive and light pink look wonderful together, and I love how the white pants freshens up the entire look! Plus, PUPPY!! I am with Inge - I haven't been able to find a pair of white pants that work for me, which is such a bummer, because I love how they look! I'll keep hunting...


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