Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Style: Striped Dress

Originally, I queued up all of this week's posts on Sunday night because I wanted to focus on just school this week; however, now that I am not spending all of my time binge watching Netflix shows and filling imaginary shopping carts online, I actually have things to say. Business as usual around here.

Teachers started back this week. Yesterday, our principal told us to wear "activewear," which I naturally interpreted as yoga pants. In June, the administrators planned this awesome mini golfing experience meant for team building. The county feared we would lob each other in the face with balls or sticks, so they vetoed that plan. A week ago. Our administration decided, instead, to send us on a scavenger hunt around the school. Umm, so fun! I suggest having you try this free app with your students: Klikaklu. You can create scavenger hunts for students to complete using their smartphones (or an iPad lab if you have one, whatever works). I think I know what I might be doing for this year's first day activities.

Today, when we received some much appreciated teacher preparation time, I decided to focus on really setting up my classroom. (We high school teachers do not typically get as into it as you elementary school teachers do, so pat us on the back here.) I put previous student posters (for projects I'll do again this year) below my back chalkboard so that I can reference them when we get to that project. I hung all of my inspirational posters under my front chalkboard (alternating horizontal and vertical posters because I'm a creature who loves patterns.) I have a wall full of laminated vocabulary words for the year. (Note: I test students cumulatively and teach them root-word-based vocabulary; I chose roots that match up with themes of each text we read every quarter.) I have a co-teacher, an intern, and two student aides, which meant I needed seating for everyone. I created what I now call "The Great Wall of Teachers," which is really just three teacher desks side by side. I created a corner for my aides to accomplish work because everyone needs a workspace. I created a "Write Stuff" corner with a desktop computer my husband so kindly donated to my classroom and a bulletin board of writing rules.

My favorite spot of the classroom is my student hub, a place where all of their school supply needs can be met (highlighters, index cards, pens, pencils, notebook paper, absentee work, tissues, hole puncher, staplers, tape, markers, colored pencils, crayons, extra spiral notebooks, extra folders, glue sticks, and scissors.) If a student asks for something, I can point in one direction every single time. I know elementary school teachers have similar stations in their rooms, so why can't I employ the same method of organization with my teenage people? 

Anyway, back to the dress of the day that I bought from Kohl's during their Peter Som collaboration. Of course, I paid much less than the original price because my mom poops 30% off coupons. And Kohl's cash. And glitter. And fairy dust. She might actually be part unicorn.

Look 1: statement necklace + colored belt + wedges
You guys, I just got these wedges from Macy's (White Mountain brand) for half price, and I LOVE them to itty bitty pieces. I searched the world over for a pair exactly like them (my criteria? casual, black, open-toed wedges), but nothing fit right until now. They're the perfect casual counterpart to the dressy black wedges featured in look 3.

Look 2: statement earrings + scarf + flats
I did not realize how me this outfit felt until I saw the picture. Boy, I love the color of the scarf (from a student!) and these new earrings from Francesca's. 

Look 3: statement earrings + belted cardigan + dressy wedges
These earrings are also from Francesca's, which is pretty much my go-to place for jewelry these days. Everything is so reasonably priced. And, yeah, I can't get enough of these J.Crew Factory wedges.

Look 4: blazer + necklace + belt + neutral flats
I love my blazers. You know it's true if you've been around these parts for a colder season. However, only three of my million blazers work well with dresses because of their length. All of my other blazers are perfect for skinny pants. 


  1. A scavenger hunt is way more fun than our admin's reason for having us wear activewear. We had "Active Killer" training. While important and, unfortunately in the society we live in, necessary, I still go home every time and bawl my eyes out at the thought of something so heinous and scary happening. Love the dress in all it's variations!!

  2. You are too adorable! That second outfit grabbed my attention right away; you're right it's so you! I want to see pictures of your classroom!

  3. It's the time of year when I realize almost all of my favorite bloggers are teachers or other school-related professions. I wonder if teachers are more likely to be bloggers, or if I just like teachers more than regular people. Neither would surprise me.

    As always, love the outfits.

  4. Great dress and so many wonderful styling ways.

    And happy belated 30th!

  5. Wow you've had quite the week so far! I bet it's fun to set up your classroom huh? I always appreciated when teachers had actual student examples for projects to help get an idea of what was expected.

    My favorite teacher in high school did similar things as you (student examples, lots of extra supplies, etc). And now my little brother has her as his senior English teacher. Makes me feel old.

    Hey, we still haven't heard about your Vegas trip!!

  6. Crazy. I feel like only three of my blazers work with pants because of their length. Maybe I just need new pants. Le sigh.

  7. I. Love. This. Post. It has everything: teacher stuff, organization stuff, fun apps to use with students, a striped dress, pops of color, adorable shoes, YOU...yep, I love it all!


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