Monday, August 4, 2014

Teacher Style: Printed Pants Inspiration

Last week, I made a valiant effort to provide you with gads of skirt inspiration (khaki skirt 8 ways, black skirt 9 ways, cobalt skirt 7 ways, floral skirt 6 ways, and printed skirt 5 ways).  

This week, I hope to offer up a plethora of pants inspiration. In order to start off this Monday with a bang, I decided to go bold by remixing my polka dot work pants from New York and Company. After all, I think I proved the versatility of a printed skirt last week. Perhaps, I can demonstrate how to incorporate printed pants in a teacher's wardrobe. I fully embrace what I label my crazy pants, and I hope today's post convinces you to invest in some crazy pants of your own. After all, no one messes with a crazy person, so maybe your students will act like angels when you wear your Miss Frizzle pants. Everyone still finds her so endearing. What's wrong with wearing pants with personality? Nothing, I say. Nothing at all.

Now, if you want to tone it down a bit, try all of these looks with a subdued pair of striped pants.

Pants: New York and Company
(Looks 5 & 6 are from the archives. Looks 1-4 are new to you.)

Look 1: chambray + colored shoes
(I seriously love this outfit so much, and I can't even explain why. Must be the red shoes and tied shirt. Makes me feel like I belong in Grease despite my not being a fan of musicals.)
(Top: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Dana Buchman via Kohl's)

Look 2: colored cardigan + neutral top + neutral shoes
(The pants are incredibly crazy, so I decided to be somewhat tame in how much color I added for this particular look. I wanted to ease you into it. Don't worry, my color lovers. I get a little more adventurous as the post continues.)
(Cardigan: Express [old] / Tank: WHBM [old] / Shoes: J.Crew Factory [recent] /Necklace: New York & Co.)

 Look 3: colored top + matching colored shoes and necklace
(I have been experimenting a lot with color these days. If nothing else, I hope this teacher style series makes you look at your color combinations differently.)
(Top: LOFT [just stockpiled some more colors this weekend b/c of their buy one, get one free deal] / Shoes: Merona via Target / Necklace: Old Navy [they have some cute, affordable jewelry!] / Belt: Target [old])

Look 4:  colored shirt + colored cardigan + colored flats
(I think pink and yellow are becoming one of my favorite color combinations. No lie.)
(Cardigan: Express [it's the same style cardigan as the blue one from look 2] / Belt: The Limited / Necklace: Old Navy / Blouse: The Limited / Shoes: J.Crew Factory [yes, I love their shoes])

Look 5: neutral top + colored shoes 
(Top: LOFT [gift from my Momma last Christmas] / Necklace: H&M / Shoes: Apt.9 via Kohl's)

Look 6: colored blazer + neutral blouse 
(Blazer: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom / Shoes: BCBG via Boscov's / Blouse: The Limited)

Have I convinced you to channel your inner Miss Frizzle? Or are you running for the hills?


  1. Ooh I love all these colorful combinations! I keep thinking I should try patterned pants. I prefer pants anyway so it would be nice to have the options. But I am bottom-heavy, and I haven't found anything that I feel comfortable with just yet. This is inspiring me to keep looking though!

  2. You are so close to convincing me to get a yellow cardigan. The only thing standing in the way is the color of my hair. And since that's not going to change dramatically any time soon, I'm going to just have to cheer any time you feature your yellow cardigan. It really looks great with pinks and purples and fuchsias. Long way of saying #4 is my favorite :)

    1. Kate - your hair is brown! Brown hair goes with everything. Yellow will look great!

  3. So, I don't wear pants, but I love these. And I think all of these outfits would work perfectly with any black/white patterned skirt. I also agree about pink + yellow. I just love the way they play off each other!

  4. I like all of these looks! I really like how these are more subtle of a print and not too crazy - haha maybe a look I can pull off :) I don't own a pair of printed pants yet. I want to get a pair, but probably by the time I do, the trend will be over!

  5. Um yes you did. I definitely want a pair of crazy pants for myself now! I think I would stick to patterned pants in black and white so I could wear them with most other things. I looked up those beautiful red shoes on the Kohl's website and they have them but not in red. I may try on a pair in stores and if I like how they feel, stalk eBay for a pair in my size. It's possible right?

    I really really love your shoe collection. Those new JCrew mini-heels are just so gorgeous! The color and the bow are just perfect. I think my favorite outfit is that one actually! Although I am quite impressed with the fuchsia and yellow combo, who knew those paired so nicely together?

  6. I love love love these! Those pants are so rockin' and they look really well with each look. Love your adorable shoes!

  7. YES! This post made me so happy! I have a pair of black + white patterned pants that I haven't worn yet because I'm kind of a weenie. I am going to try to stretch myself to wear them with something other than black or white this school year. With your encouragement and Ms. Frizzle vibes, I can conquer my fear of color!!!! Hahaha. I love the look with the peplum top and cobalt shoes (surprise, surprise, I like the black + white + cobalt outfit...) :)

    Can I just say for the millionth time that I adore this series?! I have gotten so much inspiration from you for what to wear when I start my job!!


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