Monday, August 11, 2014

Teacher Style: The Floral Tee

I realized during this teacher style series of no end that I have several shirts capable of matching just about anything in my closet. I decided I might show you some of the top contenders (see what I did there?) and compile all of the looks featuring each one. Today, let's start with the floral tee. Why? Well, it's the perfect shirt to take you from summer to fall. If I do say so myself.

Anyway, while Jeff and I celebrate my 30th year on the planet in Vegas this week, enjoy my shirt collages.

Floral Top: Old Navy 
I chose a cardigan for all of the following looks except for one, but know that a blazer would work just as well for cooler days. To change up the look, I just played with color pairings, heel heights, and bottom types (flowy versus structured skirt and skinny pant leg versus straight leg). It's amazing how different one article of clothing can look just based on the outfit in which you put it.


  1. Such a cute blouse, I love how it looks like it goes with about anything. Have fun in Vegas, I've never been. Happy 30th too, welcome to the age where age no longer matters (according to me who is now, cough, 35).

  2. Love it! I am such a big fan of multi-color items that go with every single color in my closet! And I hope you have the best birthday ever! Maybe I should start dropping hints that we need to go on a trip for my 30th bday!

  3. Can I steal that floral tee, please? Thanks. Seriously, it does go with everything!

    Happy 30th! I hope you are having a great time!

  4. Love this collage! Especially the outfit with all of the shades of pink! Have SO much fun on your vacation! I will be looking for Instagram photos :)

  5. I posted a look with this tee today too! It's definitely been a favorite this summer. I love all the ways you've styled it here--I will have to try pairing it with my yellow cardigan next time!

  6. It really does go with everything! The Limited is having a great sale right now and as I deciding on whether or not to put in my order, after adding your recommendation of the exact stretch pants (although I'm unsure on which size to get), I noticed your lovely floral tank that you just added to your top collection. They seriously go with everything huh? I think the first look is my favorite. It just looks so nice with grey and yellow.

  7. Ooh, girl, I love this post! This top is so perfect and I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick it up before my shopping freeze...ugh. I love tops like this that work with every other color. I think the first outfit is my favorite - the gray pants are just perfect.

    Also, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY! I hope Las Vegas was everything you'd hoped it would be and more!! :)


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