Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teacher Style: Chambray

Today's shirt is everyone's new best friend: the chambray. I scoured the archives and found a lot of teacher looks featuring chambray, but actually not as many as I had anticipated, which I guess is good. I can fit only so many in my collage.

I recently bought a short-sleeve chambray, and I love it. I think it'll become more of a favorite than the current long-sleeve chambray I have from Old Navy. (I did not, however, include it in the collage, but you can find a look featuring it here.)

Chambray: Old Navy

(Obviously, you won't wear the hat for teaching, but I love the rest of the silhouette.) 

Dress down a fancy skirt with your chambray for work. (I'd wear different shoes, however. A pop of color, perhaps.)

Wear it with one of your printed skirts. Tuck it in or knot it in front of your skirt.

Layer it under or over one of your dresses. To tuck it under like I did here, knot it and then tuck the knot under.

Here is a cute fall/winter look for a casual Friday. If you're lucky, your mom is as awesome at crocheting as mine is.

Leave it untucked with a pair of colored skinnies and tall boots. Again, this look works well for a casual Friday or even an in-service day.

If you're not into skinny pants because they feel too informal, try a bootcut pant like these with your chambray. I like this look as well for a casual Friday or in-service day.

Okay, this look is fine for a day that's not casual. You can tuck yours in, but I liked the visual interest of the knotted shirt. Choose your own adventure. I added heels for more sophistication. 

As you can see, chambray does not have to serve just your casual Fridays. Tuck it into a skirt or button it over/under a dress, and you have yourself a dressier look. 

Which one would you actually wear to work? 


  1. I should really start wearing my chambray to work more. I have a polka dot chambray that is a little dressier that I often wear but my light wash chambray is usually worn on the weekends. And I LOVE the idea of a short sleeve chambray!

    1. ....and I just typed "chambray" four times in three sentences, eeesh.

  2. Wear chambray with every single other thing in your closet! It's the best idea. Kind of like cobalt. It's one of those things where 4 years ago, I was like "why are people wearing denim shirts again???" and now I hope it stays a classic piece forever and never goes out of style!

  3. shut the front door. I wore an outfit just like the first one you featured. except mine is currently accompanied by a food baby. But yeah, if I had to get rid of half my closet, the chambray would stay. (Let's just hope it never comes to that.)

  4. Love all these ideas! I feel like chambray is one of those things that has infinite styling opportunities.

  5. "So this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and I'll take a little minute just sit right there and I'll tell you... how I feel about chambray shirts." I had never heard of a chambray until I discovered fashion blogs were a thing. Then I saw them on EVERY blog. They were being added as closet staples and the JCrew one was the get-all-end-all (is that how it goes?) shirt to have. I didn't like it. I refused to buy one just because everyone else had one. But then they started to grow on me. Then I was making outfits, wishing I had had that perfect finishing touch. Then I tried a few from JCrew factory. They didn't fit or look right. I casually started looking around for some, not like the boxy shape most of them had. Then during an American Eagle online shopping early one morning, I saw one that could work. Then I tried it on in store, and perfection. Now I'm just waiting for it to go on sale so I can snag it up. Let's hope I'll actually like it when I try to style it.

    I am in total awe of your outfit from last week with your cobalt pants. You have nailed the half tuck and the shirt buttoned only halfway with a tank underneath looks so effortlessly chic. I will be copying for sure. Now I just need the chambray and cobalt pants...

  6. Chambray shirts are a godsend! I wear mine with all my skirts and pants! I'm so excited to whip it out soon!!! So many exclamation points!!!


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