Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teacher Style: Black Chiffon Dress (and my anniversary)

Today marks Jeff's and my third year of marriage and tenth year together. I am a firm believer that I should be able to count the years prior to our marriage because I think the people who got married after ten seconds of knowing each other aren't allowed to say they've been together longer than Jeff and I have been just because it took him six years to pull the trigger. That's all I'll say on that part of the matter.

Anyway, I won't get sappy on you about how much I love him, but let's just say I even had a dream about him last night that he defended our house from attackers. Clearly, even my subconscious feels safe with him. He's truly an amazing man, and it's no wonder why everyone who meets him loves him. 

Moving on to my black chiffon dress. I thought it was too dressy and that I'd need to send it packing. Nope, it proved its worth today. You are granted permission to stay in my closet, dress.

(The dress is from LOFT several years ago.)

Look 1: colored cardigan + belt + neutral shoes
I thought about wearing my yellow cardigan, but I decided to give it a break. Plus, I didn't want to look like a bumble bee. Also, I really love the color of this cardigan.

Look 2: colored cardigan + printed belt + statement earrings + dressy wedges
The leopard belt felt unexpected to me. And I realized how much I love the collar of this dress. This look happens to be my favorite of the four.

Look 3: printed cardigan + belt + neutral shoes
This cardigan made me wish I had more printed cardigans. In colors. Granted, I think my closet might just give me the middle finger if I add another cardigan to it. (There may or may not be one in my online shopping cart right now.)

Look 4: okay, this look is much like number 2; it just switches up the colors and prints. I almost didn't show it to you, but I thought I'd make it very clear how small tweaks can change the look. 


  1. Happy anniversary. It's mine too. Nine years together for eleven :)

  2. I love what a belt and cardigan can do! Such a great way to dress down the fanciest of dresses.

    And yay for anniversaries! I hope you all have a good time celebrating!

  3. Happy anniversary! John and I might be one of those couples who got married 10 seconds (okay 1 year) after we started dating. All my friends were freaking out when I told them we were going to get married, because we'd been dating for like 2 months! So we've been "together" for 8 years and married for 7. But we met almost exactly 10 years ago, which I think deserves some special celebration. Except we don't actually remember meeting each other - just that it was the first week of college in 2004, and we were not at all romantically interested in each other. Anyway, anniversaries are fun! And this dress is fun, too!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Your story sounds like my friend from college- she has been with her hubby for 13 years, but only married for 2. Have us all beat! :)

  5. Oh yeah this totally works, I wouldn't think the dress was too dressy with the way you styled it. It's just right! And happy anniversary (I'm a little late, sorry!) Those years before you got married totally counts! We were together 5 years before Jim proposed. We had friends meet somebody, get married, and have kids all within the time we'd been dating, it felt like forever! haha

  6. Happy anniversary to you and Jeff!! I love whenever you post about him - it's clear that you two love each other so much :) Like Andi, Kev and I were also one of those couples that got married kind of quickly, haha. We knew who each other was (were? I can't tell which is right...I need to go to bed...) for about two years because he was an RA in my building. We became friends in June 2008, were best friends by July, and in September, we were dating and talking about marriage by November. We started planning our wedding in November 2009 (originally planning to get married in summer of 2011), got sick of being engaged, so in February of 2010, we decided to get married that June. So, from June 2008 to June 2010, we went from being mere acquaintances to married. Hahah.

    Anyway...enough about Brevin (Brynn + Kevin, get it?). I looove this dress. The details are beautiful and I like all the different ways you styled it. I love taking a more formal/fancy piece like this and making it work for my daily life!


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