Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Teacher Style: Maroon Pants Inspiration

If you want to wear a colored pant to work but are feeling a teensy bit of hesitation, may I suggest maroon? It's not terribly bold, but it's something different while still being extremely versatile.

A reader asked me what I wear in rainy weather. Looks 2 and 5 would be my rainy weather gear for two reasons: one, they include a cardigan which I can put over my head if I am too lazy for an umbrella; two, they include patent leather shoes that clean off easily. If it's really bad, I wear boots into the building and change out of them once I'm in the classroom, much like people who wear sneakers on their way to work before changing into heels.

Another reader asked me how I take summer favorites into fall. Looks 2 and 3 feature shirts I wear during the summer (sleeveless button up in #1 and tee shirt in #2). To dress up a summer shirt or take it into fall, I add a cardigan or blazer, which might sound lame, but if it works it works.  

Pants: Exact Stretch from The Limited (find all of their exact stretch options here)


Look 1: neutral cardigan + colored top + neutral belt + leopard heels
I thought the leopard heels added something special to the look. Also, I really love this color combination of fuchsia and maroon. I think I might have found it on Pinterest a long time ago, but I have zero desire to hunt it down right now. Plus, I added the camel and leopard, so it's my look now. Dagnabit.
(Shirt: The Limited / Cardigan: Old Navy / Belt: The Limited / Heels: via Marshall's)

A close up in case you wanted to see it. 

Look 2: neutral cardigan + printed top
Honest to Pete, this floral shirt goes with every single thing in my closet. I need to buy more pieces that feature every color of the rainbow. Talk about versatility. Mom actually picked out this pairing because I showed her all of the tops and pants I wanted to work with for this week's posts. She did a good job, right? Of course she did. She always does.
(Cardigan: The Limited / Top: The Limited / Belt: The Limited / Shoes: J.Crew Factory, not The Limited)

 Look 3: Are you judging me for showing you two looks with floral shirts? I hope not. I picked a tee so that I could make the look a little more casual. One of you lovely readers asked for how to take your summer basics (like a floral tee) into the fall. Throw a cardigan or blazer over this bad boy, and you have yourself a winner of a fall outfit for teaching. Also, please note that I mastered the half tuck with this one shirt. There's hope for me yet, folks. (Typically, I fully tuck the heck out of everything.)

 Look 4: button up + cardigan + flats
Why does my hair look so lovely here, and it hates me these days? When I go back to the stylist, I think I shall ask her to make my hair this color blonde. It's honey colored or something. And now I want honey because I said the word honey. Anyway, I also love this color palette of tan, blue, and maroon. Subtle patriotism at its finest. 
(Cardigan: Target / Button up: via Marshall's / Flats: Old Navy [replacing them for something more comfortable--I really don't like the way these feel on my feet])

Look 5: polka dots + neutral cardigan + neutral shoes
Love these new shoes from J.Crew Factory. Seriously, they make great shoes there! I'm becoming a serious convert. Fear not, dear reader. I never, ever pay full price :)

As for another pair of colored yet still tame pants, I think navy makes for a good option. If you're feeling more bold, go for the cobalt ones I linked to under the collage image! (Express has great dress pants, too. I typically find my dress pants at either Express or The Limited; their dress pants last forever. I actually have a pair of Express pants that still look new after wearing them since middle school. Yeah, that was over 15 years ago.)


  1. Maroon pants are the way to go! I've found that darker colored bottoms are best for me, but that still means I can wear maroon/burgundy, dark blues, and olive colored pants. I am loving all these color combinations.

  2. Outfit #2 is so awesome!! I absolutely agree about tops that have all the colors in them. They go with everything. It's fabulous!

  3. I can honestly say I've never craved honey. Honey pretzels are an entirely different story, though. Look 2 is my favorite, I love that floral top. I probably shouldn't have been so stingy and just splurged on it. I tend to pair my maroon/burgundy pants with neutrals, but I like the idea of getting some colors and colorful prints in there!

  4. I really, REALLY like this post, Danielle! The second outfit is definitely my favorite - your mom did a great job of putting it together for you!! ;) I really like my maroon pants as well. I tend to wear them with white and black most of the time (surprise, surprise), but I'd like to try to get a little outside of my comfort zone with them! I am eager to start wearing my dressier clothes again when my job starts on Monday!! (omg omg omg)


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