Friday, April 10, 2015

And everything was good again.

Two days ago, Jeff was working on my computer and unsuccessfully saved multiple articles I had minimized on my screen for my final grad paper. He could not recover them, and I cannot remember any of them. All of those hours of work lost. I sobbed. Then the baby started dancing on the inside, and everything was good again despite the lost files.

A few days ago, the end of the quarter grading period caused me more stress than usual. The baby danced around a lot that day, and everything was good again despite the headache.

Yesterday, I started to feel crummy thanks to my autoimmune nonsense acting up (had to take today off as a result). The baby danced around when I felt my crummiest, and everything was good again despite the health problems.

I think the kid keeps dancing around to remind me that everything is still good because SHE is here. Yes, there's a mini me dancing on the inside, and grateful does not begin to cover how I feel.  She must know I am typing about her because she is just bee bopping around right now. Jeff really wanted a little boy, and a big brother would be cool.  However, I feel so much more relieved knowing our little one is a girl because I know she will be a fighter like me. I feel like she will be okay because she will inherit my "everything will be good again" attitude. (Note: Let's hope she inherits her father's beautiful eyelashes, consistently clear complexion, and rock-solid immune system.)

The Look:
Cardigan: Gap Maternity
Shirt: LOFT outlet
Maxi skirt: Gap 
Necklace: Francesca's
Sandals (you can't see): Franco Sarto (my top ten remix item)

I told Jeff to make the gender announcement and to "go with a Game of Thrones" theme. What he came up with had me laughing hard.


  1. So, this post has me misty-eyed. It's so true - everything can feel like it is falling apart, and a little jab from my growing baby just makes me happy. It's pretty incredible!

  2. I think this is good look at how your life is going to be with a child- things may be going wrong, but you'll look down at that pretty little smile (because she'll inherit yours of course) and everything will be alright. :)

    1. Also, my wild guess that it was a girl was right! Do I win anything for that?

  3. Oh my gosh this is so great. I'm sure you'll have your hands full with this little girl of yours--with your sense of humor of course. She already knows how to cheer you up. What a good daughter :)

  4. A dancing baby is the best, it puts everything else in perspective. This announcement is the best and your daughter is going to be the fiestiest most adorable little girl on the block :)
    Oh, did you hear? I moved and renamed my blog, I was over the name and ready for something new.

  5. My husband and I are always making comments about what we want our future kids to have of ours (hopefully they get his metabolism and athleticism, but my patience and social butterfly-ness). Hooray for Heather, jr. :P

  6. Love love loved this. Vincenza Leigh already is making your world a better place. She knows how to cheer you up! I love how you describe her as dancing :)


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