Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dearest Vincenza (letter #2)

Blazer: Lauren Conrad
Tank: Liz Lange maternity via Target 
Necklace: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap Maternity
Flats: Audrey Brooke via DSW

Our Dearest Vincenza,

We have hit 23 weeks today, and people now exclaim that I "have a belly!" What they really mean is that "oh, there IS a baby in there!" (That baby is you, by the way.) Since you enjoy dancing on my bladder and high fiving the inside of my belly, I can assure everyone that you have been our tiny little dancer even before my belly grew large enough for strangers to realize you are hanging out on the inside and enjoying all of the watermelon I eat.

Since your daddy and I have stayed the same size since high school, we do not own a scale in our home. (Always remember that the number on the scale is never as important as how you feel, and you will have every reason to feel wonderful about yourself.) To make sure you are growing, I weigh us at the acupuncturist every week and then the midwives (Tammy is our favorite--we hope she helps bring you into the world!) weigh us every four weeks. On Saturday morning, the scale showed me that I gained 7 pounds total since you started your dance party in my belly. Lucky number 7, little lady. Your daddy weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and measured at 22 inches long when he was born! I weighed one ounce more than your daddy, and I was one inch shorter. We wonder if you will be around 7 pounds like we were.

When I was in college, a car accident left me with a bad back, and it is trying to rain on the parade we are having about meeting you in August.  Your daddy is a kind man, so he is buying me another sleep pillow and a support band today. I think the jungle gym that is our bed (SO MANY CONTRAPTIONS) will prepare us for all of the contraptions that will come with you. Daddy and I picked out a lot of them this past weekend, and we hope you enjoy them. Your grandpa (my daddy) will help install the new windows for your room soon so that your daddy can fix the wiring in your room, and I can paint it!

We love you so much already, and I hope you are enjoying your stay in my belly. Make sure to get nice and healthy. Your momma can handle any discomfort that comes as a result of your good health, just remember that.

Your Momma

P.S. Daddy wants to write you a letter or two, so that will be coming soon :) He is e-mailing me right now and wants you to know that he can't wait to drive home one day just to look at you. You and I sure are lucky, little lady. 

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  1. I'm so sorry about your back. I hope the band helps. She'll be here so soon!

  2. I just love these letters to little Vincenza. I'm sure the pregnancy back aches along with your bad back are making you feel quite lovely. I guess the excitement of it all helps ease the pain? You and Vincenza are quite lucky to have a guy like Jeff taking care of you both. He sounds like such a gentleman and kind soul. If you publish his letter, I'm sure we'd all love to read it!

  3. Dear Vincenza, you have the best mom! Seriously, I haven't even met her in real life and I think you are one lucky little girl! Love, Stranger on the internet.

    (PS - I have that tank top, too! Prego Twins! I'm embarrassed for saying that!)

  4. You are the cutest pregnant momma! I hope the sleep pillow and support band help! I can't imagine pregnancy back pain is a fun thing to deal with :(


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