Monday, April 20, 2015

Dresses and More Dresses

I would like to thank spring for swooping in to save the day. No need to fight with tights anymore when I want to wear dresses and skirts, and do we not all think that makes spring so glorious that we can overlook allergies? I think so.  I would also like to thank Old Navy for bringing its consistent A game this year with the cute dresses and skirts at affordable prices.

This chambray received little play time in the past, but it has officially become a frontrunner in my maternity wardrobe. Hey, guess where I bought it? Oh, that's right: OLD NAVY. They should pay me for these unsolicited advertisements.

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy (exact in solid colors)
Chambray: Old Navy
Boots: Franco Sarto
Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (couldn't find it online, but it's in stores)


  1. ah, I almost bought that dress but the normal version was too short, and I didn't think I should buy the maternity version at this point. I wish they had a tall option!

  2. Possibly my favorite outfit of yours to date! Suuuuuper cute. When it gets warmer, you can swap out the button up for your denim vest and the boots for sandals. Dang. I'm really regretting not getting this dress when I saw it!

  3. Goodness you look adorable! I'm glad you had so much luck in Old Navy. I only kept a striped jersey skirt and that crochet front black dress. I'm debating whether or not to keep the dress because it's a little big despite it being an XS. This was also the first time I ever got their Bonus Cash thing. I was pretty disappointed to hear that in order to use the $40 I earned from my purchase, I would have to spend ANOTHER $100 to get the $40 off. I was flabbergasted! If I already spent that much, why would I need to spend more just to use a coupon. I thought for sure it was like Kohl's and would be like a gift card you had only a week to loose. I'm not quite sure I'll be shopping at Old Navy much anymore--not that I did too much anyway. I'm sure you're familiar with the rule but I was bummed. Walked out not using any of that SuperCash. As a frequent Kohl's shopper, does the Old Navy cash thing bug you too?

  4. I've been neglecting my chambray like crazy lately. Does that mean the answer is to get pregnant and then I would wear it again a lot? Hm. That seems like the wrong way to go about things, but who knows.

  5. I'm a big Old Navy fan as well - it just has everything I need, haha! I have that dress you're wearing in black, gray, and coral - NO SHAME!!! It's just so soft and comfortable and perfect. I really would like a new light chambray shirt like the one you're wearing here - I have one (from Old Navy, obvs), but it has little flaps on the chest pockets that always get wonky and flip up awkwardly. Thus, I never wear it. I'm going to try to stitch the flaps down so I don't need to worry about them, but if it doesn't work, I think it's time for a new light wash chambray shirt. I love how you tied yours, by the way! You look absolutely adorable.


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