Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Talking in Your Sleep

When I thought of a title for this post, I started singing this song. Oh, hair bands, your music was as great as your frizzy, voluminous, Marge Simpson hair. Guys, I like this week. I would give it a fist bump if it had hands. 

The other day, Jeff and I had a conversation that went like this:
Jeff: Did you wake up while I was watching Mrs. Doubtfire?
Me: No, you were watching Mrs. Doubtfire!?
Jeff:  Yes, when your favorite part came on and he says "it was a run by fruiting!" you laughed and said, "it never gets old."
One, I did not know I talk in my sleep. Two, my love of Mrs. Doubtfire extends beyond my waking hours. Three, I was telling the truth; that line NEVER gets old. It makes me laugh every time, even in my sleep.

Vincenza has been a somersaulting maniac the past week, and I cannot stop laughing at her antics. She definitely grew over the past week because the kicks are much more forceful and not simply flutters. In fact, she gives an entirely new meaning to "the wave." At this point, people waffle between utter confusion that I am five and a half months along and that I finally "popped." As long as she rocks and rolls on the inside, keeps growing as she should, and comes out happy, I do not care how big or small I look to anyone. Just keep growing and wiggling, little lady. We will have a dance party when you make it to the outside.

The windows for her room finally arrived, so Jeff and my dad can install them when it's nice outside. Maybe this weekend for Jeff's birthday? He will also finish the dogs' den this week, so we can get rid of their crates, move the guest bed to the dogs' current room, and really start working on Vincenza's room.

Yes, I am 22 weeks today, but no bumpdate, just an "I love life and everything about it" post. Also, my dogs are hysterical. See picture one for evidence.

This picture is really about what Roxy is wearing.

The Look:
Dress: Old Navy (not maternity)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Necklace: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW


  1. Looking cute! I love those buttery, brown Ralph Lauren boots.


  2. You are adorable! And I am curious if you have always talked in your sleep or if this is a new thing with pregnancy. I have always talked in my sleep, but I think it has been worse during pregnancy, because of sleep cycles being goofy. I never remember things, but John has stories (I sometimes accuse him of making the whole thing up, but that would be really weird of him). I'm happy you are having a great week!!

  3. I've heard dogs can sense when a woman is pregnant. Do you find that to be true with Roxy and Squirt? I totally sang the song while waiting for my Bloglovin app to open your post. Great song. Your sleeptalking incident is hilarious! I love how Jeff had a feeling that you weren't awake when you said that. He knows you too well.

    1. By the way, the ON dress looks amazing on you! Glad you got the chance to wear it before growing anymore!

  4. I never knew I talked in my sleep until my husband told me that I do. While he can barely ever remember what I say, he frequently cites one time he actually does remember, when I said "grilled sandwich... green peppers... fried onions..." Yes, apparently I give lunch orders while I sleep. Anyway, Mrs. Doubtfire is such a classic. I'm sad I don't have TBS anymore because I feel like they would play it all the time when I was growing up.


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