Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #1: Maternity Edition

Okay, I finally tried out Stitch Fix after creating an account an absurdly long time ago. I decided that finding maternity clothes sort of sucks after years of learning how to shop for your shape. It's confusing, and once you think "AHA! I figured it out!" it changes again. I wanted someone else to pick out my clothes for me. My mom has done such a swell job for so many years that I figure someone else deserves a shot at it, too. If you have not yet signed up for Stitch Fix, something that surely places you in the minority, then feel free to do so here. If you do, I receive a $25 referral credit if you feel so inclined to help a pregnant lady out.

Anyway, I took some gorgeous mirror selfies upon which you may feast your hungry eyes.

Items 1 & 2: Trisha Clover Charm Layering Necklace by Bancroft ($32.00)
and Tait Dress by Skies are Blue ($48.00)
Necklace Thoughts: I love this necklace and have actually been looking for one like it because I used to have a similar one and it died on me. I know it will go with a lot of items in my closet. I am not sold on the $32.00 price tag, however.
Necklace Verdict: Possibly keep (I'd love to hear your thoughts.)

Dress Thoughts: When I first pulled out the dress, I fell in love with the colors and the stripes. Plus, the bottom half of the dress is so soft. Have you ever tried putting on a shirt or a top that ultimately fits you, yet it feels a little tight as you are trying to pass your shoulders with the shirt/dress? Well, I encountered that situation with this dress. Since it's not a jersey fabric, it didn't really give as I tried to put it on. I like my fabrics to give a little if no buttons or zippers are involved. I have already gotten stuck in my jacket this school year, which took two teachers and a pair of pliers to remove from me, so I do not need to find myself pregnant and stuck in a $48.00 dress. Also, the sides of the dress are just low enough that my bra shows. No, thank you.
Dress Verdict: Return

 Item #3: Corinna Striped Dolman Top by Market & Spruce ($48.00)

 Top Thoughts: When I saw the pattern, I immediately disliked it despite the stripes. I disliked the marbled gray meets aqua-ish stripes. If the stripes were white or black, I'd like the top much more. The length is great, but WHAT is with the sleeves? I have spindly arms, and the cuff of the shirt strangles my radius and ulna, which is not humerus.
Top Verdict: Return

Item #4: Ernie Pleated Maternity Blouse ($48.00)

Top Thoughts: When I pulled this top out of the box, the pattern and the color scheme wooed me immediately. When I first tried it on, I loved the details (cool back, snap buttons in the front, and it did not choke me as I tried to pull it over my head). My bra does not show. I think it looks better from the side when it's belted, and I asked my husband if it "looks like a tent." He assured me that anything I wear "will look like a tent soon enough." Thank you, sweetheart. One concern strikes me: will it turn into a crop top when my belly grows? Also, do I want to keep this or the necklace? I plan to keep one of them but not both.
Top Verdict: Possibly keep (I could really use feedback on this one.)

 Item #5: Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse by Brixon Ivy ($44.00)

Top Thoughts: I love the print, the colors, and the length is about right. However, it fought my shoulders/expanding ribcage when I tried to put it on, so that problem is a bit difficult to overlook. Plus, if I had to choose between it and the previous top, I would pick the previous top.
Top Verdict: Return

I could use your help deciding between item #1 (the necklace) and item #4 (the red and white blouse). Since I don't want to lose the $20 styling fee, I want to pick one of them. It helps that I really do like both of them and will wear both of them. However, at their original prices, I cannot justify both. For the record, I was aware that their prices are a bit more than I tend to spend, but I was willing to take a little risk for the experience.

Feel free to help me out!


  1. I LOVE the Ernie blouse (unbelted)! You could find inexpensive necklaces (eBay, F21, etc) but finding clothes that fit just right and can be worn often, especially maternity stuff, is gold. Plus it looks awesome on you.

  2. Everything is so cute, but I see why most of the pieces don't work (and yeah, those prices are high!). I'd lean toward keeping the top instead of the necklace, mostly because I think I have seen similar necklaces for less than $10. But the top length is a legitimate concern as the bump grows. A few of my dresses were appropriate length until recently and now they are too short!

  3. The necklace is cute, but it doesn't seem worth the money. Your description of it didn't seem to have the same tone that the pleated maternity top did. While I like the pleated maternity top, I worry about the pleats. And could you see yourself wearing it post pregnancy? Both belted and unbelted? If not, then maybe you'll end up getting more wear from the necklace.

    also... humerus. awesome :)

  4. A. Have I ever told you how dang cute you are?!?
    B. The radius, ulna and humerus joke. YES!
    C. I'm really loving the top you are thinking about keeping! I feel like you could find another necklace like that at a better price? But the top is so unique and pretty!

  5. Necklace. You can wear it for a lot longer and since you have found some great maternity bargains already, get the necklace!

  6. My vote is for the necklace. I think you will outgrow the top and the loose style isn't flattering when you have a cute belly to show off

  7. Ok, I know you already decided but I do love the top you chose. I think the necklace is cute but not worth the $32 pricetag. However, I completely disagree with you on the striped top. I think it looks fabulous on you. The fit is very flattering in my opinion. But if it's the colors you don't like, I can understand not keeping it! I haven't tried StitchFix because of the hefty price tag. I haven't seen anything from bloggers that have made me change my mind. I guess I'm used to my thrifting steals!

  8. Okay, I'm way delayed on commenting on this post (will I EVER be caught up on blogs? Probs not.), but I needed to tell you that the ulna/radius/humerus joke killed me. God, I love you.


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