Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Daughter (Food Edition)

Dear Vincenza,

Your momma is 21 weeks along right now. According to Parents magazine, you are the length of a carrot, which is interesting because your daddy loves carrots. Sometimes, I call him Bugs Bunny, a character we will teach you all about when you come out to meet us. He likes to nibble off part of the carrot and feed it to our crazy dogs, Roxy and Squirt. I like carrots only when I get to dip them in hummus or ranch dressing. They also taste quite delicious when they are steamed with some butter. You better like vegetables because your daddy and I love vegetables. I just sent him out for some kohlrabi because your grandpa said Wegman's has really delicious kohlrabi right now.

If you are anything like your momma, mom mom, and big cousin, Jules, then you will devour watermelon, and you will probably want it with some salt on it because that is how the women on the Wojcik side like their watermelon. You might also be a big tea drinker like momma and mom mom. Please remember that the only good tea is sweet tea, and your mom mom makes the best batches of it. Daddy and both of your grandpas love coffee, but your mom mom and I think it smells terrible, so terrible. Your great mom mom, however, drank hot coffee even when the thermometer read 100 degrees outside. When your daddy first met your great grandparents, he was sweet enough to drink some coffee with your great mom mom during the sweltering summer heat. He sweat the entire time, but he made me love him so much more because I realized, once again, what a wonderful man your daddy is.

We hope you like to eat meat because momma loooooves Chipotle barbacoa bowls, and one of your daddy's favorite meals is steak and potatoes. Your daddy likes to fish and cook what he catches, but I think the freshwater fish taste a little funny. I try to eat salmon or shrimp once a week so that I can get those omega-3's and grow that big brain of yours! Sorry I cannot eat gluten for your right now, but your Italian daddy will show you the wonders of bread when you are old enough to eat it. Hopefully, you do not inherit any of my food allergies because I want you to enjoy eating every food. Let's pray that you take after daddy in that department.


Dear, Readers,
Please enjoy the periodic installments of "Dear, Vincenza" that will include snippets from my life and my wishes for this little lady of mine. Also, if you came around these parts yesterday, you might have cast your vote for which Stitch Fix item I should keep. I ultimately decided on the top versus the necklace because the print makes me SO happy. Based on the plethora of compliments it elicited today, I think I made a good choice. I have zero regrets. It gives me an opportunity to wear one of my cutest pairs of flats, these little red numbers. What a perfect little pairing that turned out to be. I imagine it will look lovely with some white jeans/shorts as well. I could not wait to wear it, and this hurried outfit combination this morning came together way better than I anticipated. 

The Look:
Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: Stitch Fix
Pants: Indigo Blue via Motherhood Maternity
Flats: Sole Society
Belt: Francesca's


  1. I'm glad you kept the top. I read that entry on my laptop, which for some reason I cannot fathom, will not allow me to post comments on your blog (or any others with this same format). It is a mystery to me. I have a question, which I hope will not make either of us look ridiculous. Why are there commas after the word "Dear" in your letters? I hope my question does not offend, because I certainly don't mean it to be offensive in any way. I am actually assuming that I am the clueless one, as I have the utmost respect for your English and grammar usage.

    I really love the letter you wrote to your daughter. I'm so glad I wrote on blogs and things about my girls because I will be able to go back and read that stuff later, and I'm glad I'll have that stuff written down. Things get so busy so fast, but at least that stuff's there. I hope she likes vegetables, too. My two don't. But Karina finally started eating, and liking, broccoli! So it's a good first step. Elena won't eat any vegetables but is most definitely a carnivore.

  2. Too sweet, I can't wait to read more of your letters to her! Also, salt on watermelon is the ONLY way. Oh and coffee when it's 155 degrees outside is always acceptable to me.

    I have to ask- is "mom mom" the common thing to call grandmas where you live? Most here in south Louisiana say "maw maw" but now so many are trying to change it up with things like "GiGi."

    I normally don't like the color red, but I really like this outfit and how the red looks with that dark tan (camel?) cardigan!

  3. I completely forgot how much red you already have in your closet. This top will fit in seamlessly after all. Glad you're happy with your decision!

  4. That letter was so sweet. I look forward to reading more of those! How did you guys decide on Vincenza? Those little red flats are some of my favorites in your collection. Matched with your new top creates quite an adorable outfit :)

  5. YES! You kept the top! So so cute...especially with those shoes! I also love this letter series that you are starting. Vincenza is going to love reading through them someday.

  6. I'm in love with this and can't wait for all the other installments of this series. I can totally feel the love emanating from you for your little girl. Vincenza is a lucky girl to have such adoring parents!!


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