Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blame it on the Brain.

These pants came in the mail, and I finally wore them. In other words, I finally blogged them. I felt that taking a picture of them while I was in the dressing room of the same store at which I bought them online was fitting. (See what I did there? Dressing room = fitting? AHA.) Anyway, the belly band on these pants officially ranks as the most comfortable and the softest belly band of any of the million and one maternity pants I have tried. I ordered my pre-pregnancy size (a 0, which is a weird number because it makes me feel as if I do not exist), and they fit well, minus a bit of give in the front, a presumably intentional design decision since I will need to fit in them at several different weights. After all, I don't want to end up large, in charge, and pantsless.

Of course, pregnancy appears to serve as an excuse for just about everything. Oh, you spilled water all over the front of yourself? It's the hormones. Oh, you cannot find your way back to the receptionist's station after having been in the office ten times before? It's the hormones. Oh, you snarled at someone unknowingly? It's the hormones. Oh, every time you get on the road, the drive turns into a round from Need for Speed? It's the hormones. Oh, you fell asleep in a pile of gluten-free Cheeto goodness? It's the hormones. I still find myself perplexed by this social phenomenon, but I will not complain because my brain has quite honestly turned into a large (or perhaps small) slice of Swiss cheese.

I reread something that I typed and find about three errors in it, which probably frustrates me more than any other brain blip. An English teacher who has lost her command of the English language? UGH.  I recently e-mailed a parent and continually referred to the son by his older brother's name. (In my defense, I taught all three of the sons.) I felt rather sheepish when the father e-mailed asking me which son I really meant. At least the e-mail was a really positive one? GET IT TOGETHER, BRAIN. Prevail over the hormones, dangit.

I can, however, still put together a coordinated outfit, so I take comfort in that materialistic whim.

The Look:
Cardigan: Forever 21 for $8.90 (check out their insane color selection here.)
Top: Old Navy maternity (floral not online, but it's this style.)
Pants: LOFT maternity (exact, 40% off sale this weekend!)
Shoes: J.Crew Factory 
Necklace and earrings: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's  (couldn't find it online)

TIP: LOFT online says that you must return all maternity items via mail, which forces you to pay $8 return shipping. Some stores, however, DO take maternity returns, so ask your local LOFT before you pay that money or decide against buying stuff online.


  1. It actually is the hormones. Shoot, I still blame everything on hormones and my youngest is 3. Also, my brain is gone for good. It's never coming back. But yours might. Maybe. ;-) Try not to stress about all that stuff though. Your body is working super hard, so it's more tired than you realize.

  2. I find this phenomenon both awesome and annoying. I think I should be able to blame pregnancy for anything I do, but it irritates me when everyone else does it all the time. Like, if I got riled up about anything at work (even totally legit things that I think I would have been riled up about at any time), people would be like "whoa, pregnancy makes you feisty!" But yeah, I've been a total space cadet lately - can't say anything right, get lost trying to leave the doctor's office. Rumor has it this will get worse once the little one is out and we are sleeping in 2hr increments!

  3. Well, swiss cheese brain or not, I love this outfit! The floral is so pretty with the bright cardigan. And if I could pull-off regular pants half as well as you wear those maternity pants, I would be a happy camper!

  4. I love the pretty spring colors in this outfit. I wish I could find some good khaki skinnies. Also, I've decided that this coral/orange color is your color.

  5. What perfect pants! That band looks terribly uncomfortable--at least this one is soft! Leave it to LOFT to create the perfect pair. I can see you getting a ton of wear from these this spring. Then just save them for your next pregnancy :)

  6. I wish it was socially acceptable for non-pregnant women to wear maternity pants. Those waistbands look wicked comfy.


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