Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The 5 Stages of Teachers On Snow Days (as illustrated by dog)

Preface: These stages may apply to more than just teachers, but I can speak from only a teacher's perspective. I do hope you enjoy my photo story, which was my first attempt at avoiding that stack of papers.
 photo 439c5726-f2e0-468c-83bf-196e94c80085_zps038b2d7d.jpg
 photo ec943a2c-a054-4d18-b107-68fcdff5111d_zps88a3b5d4.jpg

 photo 1a85f902-0c52-4f5d-a805-0fb652374958_zps8a10d872.jpg

 photo ea8e9458-2e0d-4d3d-923d-2072f486a45c_zps06c452c7.jpg

 photo 5c63fb6e-3c36-4523-a7f2-001294ba5502_zpsbbdb60d9.jpg

 photo 0cf95428-cfd7-4de6-9cf7-a4a2d244bb8c_zps19669453.jpg


  1. Hahaha you crack me up! And I want to reach through and hug the stuffings out of my grandgirls!!!

  2. Haha exactly! I also always have those mixed emotions of "YAY A SNOW DAY" and "oh wait, now I won't get that day off in Feb, boo"


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