Thursday, December 5, 2013

Accidental Twins

While I was teaching today, my next door neighbor (classroom...not apartment...apartment neighbors, so far, appear to be drug dealers, previous students, scared of dogs, or taciturn) caught my eye with her waving. I looked outside of the room to see her pointing to her pants and top. We were accidental twins! And, let me tell you, she is the woman to match. I've never met a woman with a better shoe collection than her. She has this pair of cobalt blue J.Crew flats that I shamefully covet. If we wore the same size, I'd be raiding her shoe closet. Oh, and we share a love of pretty, on sale things. 

Craziest part of all? I was centimeters away from choosing my skinny cobalt pants to wear with boots! However, I knew the forecast called for 60 degree weather, and large classes of sophomore boys heat up a room. A hot room makes for sweaty calves. Sweaty calves make for an uncomfortable me. Uncomfortable me is no fun. So, these pants and wedges won. 

I realize that I look patriotic, and I'm okay with that. I was determined to wear both the scarf and the pants today. And a patriot was born.
(Note: The blur on her shirt is to cloak her identity. Obviously.)

The Outfit (mine, not hers, should've asked!):
Blazer: Marshall's
Pants: New York and Company
Wedges: Me Too via DSW (they are SO comfortable. I love Me Too. Haha, that sounds funny.)
Belt & T-shirt: Target
Scarf: Old Navy 

Oh, next Tuesday my colleagues (girls AND guys) and I are continuing our Trendy Tuesday tradition. If you'd like to join us, our theme is flannel and scarves. 
Interpret that however you wish!


  1. Oooh flannel and scarves is a really good choice! I notice that coworkers match a lot in my hallway. I really like your scarf! All these statements are random and have nothing to do with each other! haha

  2. Flannel and scarves?! I'll have to see what I can put together!! I love that you matched a coworker! One day at my elementary internship site, almost every single teacher we saw that day was wearing either gray or black, including myself and my supervisor! It was pretty funny :)


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