Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My dog stalks me, and how trendy is this Tuesday?

Every morning, both of my dogs visit me while I primp (read: spray the hell out of my fourth day hair with dry shampoo because, once again, I valued sleep more than my mane) in the bathroom. One of my dogs, Roxy, is what can best be described as dumpy. She's got a bubble booty waddle and can hear the faintest crinkle of a bag that might be nourishment. Her demeanor is equally as lackadaisical, so she strolls (okay, she cannot stroll; she usually barrels into her destination) into the bathroom with zero qualms.

My other dog, however, is what I must label a princess, Princess Squirty to be exact. She crosses her paws when she is lying on the floor. She sits ramrod straight when she's boring into your soul with her semi-frightened (even when she's not frightened) pupils and her pouty bottom lip. She won't poop where she sleeps, something I wish she'd teach her sister how to avoid. Anyway, unsurprisingly, Squirt storms into nowhere. She daintily prances or even scurries, but barreling is not for this princess. As such, for awhile every morning, she sat tentatively outside of the open bathroom door until I doted on her adorable face. Eventually, she tip toed ever so slightly into the bathroom for her morning peck on the snout. This morning, she made great progress, and it looks like this.
 photo IMG_3006_zps95c9f899.jpg

In other news, I think Trendy Tuesday was even more successful this week than last week. Our principal said that he'd start announcing the themes in his weekly bulletins. Another teacher is going to post the themes in the copy room. Other teachers are posting about it on class websites/Facebook. And, on the school's Twitter account, our principal will tweet the theme every week. Can I tell you how awesome my colleagues are? So awesome.

Our next Trendy Tuesday will run on January 7th, and one of our male teachers is choosing the next theme. I'll keep you informed. Fear not. This same male teacher told me at lunch today, "I had a burgundy sweater on today, but I thought, 'no, this won't do. Wojcik [that's me] will give me crap. This isn't up to her standards. I have to do better.'" Hysterical. He wore an awesome red, white, and black vest. I loved it! I know fashion/style/whatever you'd like to call it seems so silly to many people, but look at how it can bring people together in a positive way.  I say cheers to that, folks.

 photo IMG_3017_zpsfc2fdec7.jpg

The Outfit:
Pants: Forever 21 (size 26 in case you're wondering...and they're corduroy)
Boots: Franco Sarto via Marshall's (bought 'em last year)
Belt: American Eagle (would you judge me if I said I bought it in middle school?)
Shirt: Old Navy (current)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (very old but not as ancient as the belt)
Scarf: Another Momma Wo creation (definitely my favorite and SO WARM)

 photo IMG_3018_zps0dfd4e0f.jpg 
 photo IMG_3020_zpsfd41b79e.jpg  photo IMG_3014_zps003df84e.jpg
Here is a small group of us. The larger picture gives away too many heads, so I am posting the one that was easy to crop. The guy in the picture? His red suspenders have Santa's face on them. His socks you can't see? They're red and white striped. Again, my colleagues are awesome.

Previously, I wore the black and white version of this shirt this way.

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  1. Linking up with you for Trendy Tuesday! So glad that my dogs aren't the only stalkers and photo-bombers!! I love your plaid top.

  2. Your colleagues really are awesome! What a fun idea. I love that scarf!!

    and I love how she crosses her paws...too cute!

  3. I love this idea so so so much. Also, I love that you mentioned Squirt's pouty bottom lip. That's my favorite part on my dog Pippin, and I have 100 too many pictures focusing on that adorable lip. (Oh gosh, reading that back makes me sound CRAZY).


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