Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monkeys Love Me

This nature-inspired outfit was ever so appropriate for the vocabulary PowerPoint I reviewed with my sophomores today. I like to spruce things up by telling periodic stories. Today's story was about how the monkeys at the zoo always try to attack me or throw disgusting substances my way. They were delighted to learn that a very large primate came barreling at me from his corner of the habitat, slammed into the glass, and then got up, doing what I can only describe as a laugh. Yes, a LAUGH. My husband caught the big oaf's charge and my squeal on video. Where are you, dignity? I appear to have lost you somewhere along age twenty-something.

Speaking of nature, why is there a leaf stuck to my shoe in the first photo? I even made sure to kick the twigs away before Jeff snapped the pictures. What matter is that when the leaves try to befriend my shoes? However, in their defense, these shoes are pretty snazzy. My co-teacher declared that she would like to rip these shoes off my feet...if my feet were not "boats" compared to hers. She referred to them as her "favorite shoes...ever." 

Because overshare is my middle name, I'm going to tell you I felt so full after lunch today that I had to unzip my side zipper just a smidge. Truth? I never zipped it up again. My shirt and cardigan covered it, and I felt much less constricted. I thought you should know. 

If you stop reading now, I won't judge you. 

The Outfit:
Cardigan: Old Navy (I just loved the color.)
Top: SO via Kohl's
Skirt: The Limited
Tights: The Limited
Shoes: Rock & Candy by ZiGi via DSW (got 'em Friday)
Scarf: Francesca's (yes, it's an infinity scarf by nature)

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  1. I agree with your co-teacher, I want those shoes!!

  2. Love this color combo and that's crazy about the zoo...

  3. Oh Danielle. I seriously love you more with each blog post that I read. Could you BE any more hilarious and adorable?

    I also want you to know that I found the tan Old Navy cardigan. And I bought it. AND I LOVE IT.


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