Monday, December 16, 2013

My fleece tights died, and don't forget about Trendy Tuesday.

I wore my fleece tights ONCE (a glorious day it was). After one round in the washer's gentle cycle, the crotch birthed a hole. (How do you like that imagery?) Boo to you, $6 fleece tights. I waffle between patching up the hole, conveniently located on a seam, and buying a brand new pair. Decisions decisions. 

Anyway, these opaque tights from The Limited sufficed, but gracious me, I was not wearing enough layers on top to combat the arctic that my classroom has become. Polar Bear City, all aboard. 
Also, rhetorical question: why is it that my legs can take a Jack Frost beating, but my upper body needs about fifteen layers to prevent the shiver me timbers? 
Anyone else suffer from this problem? (not rhetorical)

Tomorrow's theme for Trendy Tuesday is red and white. 

Don't forget to don your best red and white look. Post that beauty on Facebook, Instagram, your blog, or send a carrier pigeon with a polaroid. Mosey over to the sidebar and follow me on Instagram.
Octothorpe (real name for the hashtag-pound sign-number sign thing) that lovely look of yours with #trendytuesday.

If you're new around here, my co-teacher started this "let's pick a theme for getting dressed one day a week" trend. Another teacher and I settled on Tuesdays, which we alliteratively named Trendy Tuesday.  Every week, we come up with a theme and try to coax more teachers and students [and online friends!] to join us in our sartorial adventure. Safety in numbers and all that jazz. 

The Outfit:
Sweater: AB Byer (so old...does anyone even know that brand anymore?)
Scarf: a new creation from Momma who finally agreed to let me sell her scarves! Who wants in?
Tights: The Limited
Skirt: LOFT (it's chiffon and pleated in case your eyes and my terrible photos deceive you.)
Boots: Etienne Aigner 
Belt: Came with a dress

Hair: on its third day...that's what's up.


  1. It's so sad when a beloved pair of tights dies a quick death! And yet I find that tights are notorious for not lasting for me! That's why I always buy just cheap pairs. Still, if it was the perfect color and pattern, I love them very much and am still devastated when they develop a hole!

  2. Ugh I hate it when anything only lasts for one wash. Such a waste! Well, RIP fleece-lined tights, may you be quickly replaced. SELL ME A SCARF! Also, am I missing the part where you told us where this gorgeous coat is from?

  3. That stinks about the tights! I hope mine don't do that!

  4. I WANT A SCARF. Also, I love black/white/cobalt together. I would wear every piece of this it, lady.


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