Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trendy Tuesday...One Day Late

I am a day behind on my posts because I thought Monday would be a great day to post a Thanksgiving outfit. As a result, you're seeing every outfit a day late. Always late but worth the late. That bumper sticker my friend bought for me in high school has so much meaning.

Anyway, twice now, my co-teacher has instituted a fashion challenge to a group of us at work. Can you see why I love her so much? A woman after my own heart. Today (for me, it's today. For you, it's tomorrow), another teacher and I decided to pick a specific day and name it for these challenges. After much deliberation, we settled on Trendy Tuesday. Obviously, the name had to be alliterative, and Fashion Friday wouldn't work because we value our casual days. No one wants photographic evidence of casual Fridays.

Today's theme? Beige (I considered it ivory/off-white) and Denim.

The new intern opted for colored denim paired with an ivory sweater. Why didn't I think of colored denim?! And I LOVE her scarf. Another teacher rocked the chambray shirt with a beige/ivory scarf, a look I was thisclose to wearing. My co-teacher opted for a denim skirt with an ivory sweater. Originally, I was going to wear a looser sweater with my polka dot skinny pants, but I really wanted to wear this necklace, which looked funny with the sweater. This blazer hasn't seen some love in awhile, so I brought it out for the occasion. I considered gray booties, but I thought the sparkly flats befriended the necklace better. Plus, I didn't want to figure out that whole "to roll the pants or not to roll the pants" situation.  Over the phone, my mom commented, "you didn't wear a crumb catcher!" Hahahaha, I love that woman. (First time readers, I refer to scarves as crumb catchers because that's their primary my world.)

Alright, here is where you come in, dear reader! What theme do you think we should choose for next Tuesday? Also, if you would like to join us for Trendy Tuesday, we'd love your cyber participation. :)

The Outfit:
Blazer: New York and Company (I'm trying to determine if the shoulders are "too much." Thoughts?)
Shirt: Vintage t-shirt from Old Navy
Pants: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (bought 'em at a $10 steal!)
Flats: Nine West via Marshall's 
Necklace: New York and Company

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  1. Erm I'm jealous you can wear jeans during the week! I sorta love the idea of your style challenges, it sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Love this idea! I love that your coworkers appreciate your love of fashion and join in! I would definitely hop onto your trendy tuesday idea and post with you! What about stripes or polka dots for the next one?

  3. Love your gray! That necklace is wonderful! I need more silver necklaces.

  4. I agree Inge, I wish we were allowed to wear jeans too. No jeans for us unless we get a special "jeans" sticker for certain things we do that the administration deems worthy.

    I would love to participate with these fun challenges! What about pattern mixing (dots and stripes, or floral and plaid…)? Or something like sparkles and lace? Or shades of a single color? This will be fun!

  5. Stopping by from Pleated Poppy - WIWW! I like that jacket! The shoulders are just perfect.

    <3 Vicki

  6. The shoulders are great on that jacket. I love the idea of Trendy Tuesday.

  7. I LOVE THIS - both the outfit and the idea of Trendy Tuesday! Seriously, so genius. I wish I had coworkers that were into fashion like myself...someday!! :)

  8. That is so cool you all do that together! It'd sure make going to work more fun! Most times it's the inner dialogue of "How can I still look cute without looking overdressed because no else puts this much effort into their work outfit with these stupid ugly polos?" When I wear a blazer, they're all like "Why are you so dressed up?"
    Anyways, you guys all look lovely! That ivory blazer looks fantastic on you and I hadn't even noticed anything weird about the shoulders. :)
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