Wednesday, December 18, 2013

YOLO, YLOO, or YOSO? Which one is it?

Three of my students from last year visited me during my planning period today. 

One of them said, "So, does YOLO technically have a misplaced modifier in it?" 
Me: "As a matter of fact, it does. You do other things (other than living) only once. What it should be is YLOO. You live only once. Unless, of course, you died and someone brought you back to life. Then you lived twice, not once."
Another student: "Oh my gosh. That's so going to be our next inside joke. YLOO. I love it." 
And I love teaching. Kids are such fun humans, and it's fascinating to watch their minds grow. 

I think "only" might be the most frequently misplaced modifier because it's a one-word modifier versus a phrase. I think someone would notice something out of place with the underlined phrase in the following sentence: Pooping on the living room floor, my dad scolded the dog. Tiny modifiers like only are tricky, little buggers. 
(Note: my Dad is the epitome of uncouthness, but even he has boundaries preventing him from defecating on the carpet, which means it's definitely the dog who should be pooping on the living room floor according to that sentence.)

Anyway, it all made me think of the pet peeve speech one student delivered two years ago. He hated on the overuse of YOLO and declared, "YOSO, you all ought to stay original." 
Wise words, my delightfully hysterical pupil. 

Oh, and I got dressed today for your viewing pleasure. 
I really like how the whole look came together, especially the colors. 
It was inspired by this pin.
Sometimes, my brain cooperates.
 photo IMG_3024_zps53560357.jpg

The Outfit:
Boots: Madden Girl (wish I could remember where I bought them)
Pants: 1979 Gap jeans
White oxford: New York and Company
Cardigan: Old Navy (probably should have washed it before wearing it with white because little gray gremlins now cover my shirt.)
Scarf: Target (I sort of wish it was bigger. Bummer.)

 photo IMG_3025_zpseee5aa19.jpg 
 photo IMG_3023_zpsa8b9c966.jpg

Previous Looks:

I also wore these jeans with a gray vestpolka dots & a navy blazer, and chambray & tan.

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  1. I love long cardigans! They are so comfy and warm! thee best! I was never good with that whole grammar thing! Good for your student! (: cute outfit! Found you form wiww!

  2. Fun pinned look, also, I didn't know what YOLO meant until now. I am old.

  3. Cute outfit! I also appreciate how you like to re-wear and remix pieces in your closet. I am always inspired when other bloggers do that because it's more practical and inspires creativity :)

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

  4. I love your YOLO story! Too funny!

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  6. CUTIEEEE! Also, leave it to Danielle to write a post including both a story about pooping and the grammatical incorrectness of "YOLO."


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