Monday, December 2, 2013

Buy All the Dresses!

Hey, maybe you'll see this post before Cyber Monday ends, and maybe you will score some deals. If not, all of these pieces are less than $100.  

I received a request for some dresses (I threw in a skirt!) that I'm currently coveting. Well, you are in luck, ladies. Because, hey, luck be a lady tonight. 

1. Maxi Skirt: $38 at Francesca's  (I want this skirt SO badly that it almost hurts. Almost.)

2. Red Dress: $24.99 (Cyber Monday price?) at Mod Cloth (Seriously though, how lovely is that Peter Pan collar?)

3. Green Lace Dress: $29.99 at the place that always knocks it out of the park, Target

4. Maroon Lace Dress: This dress is $98 at LOFT, but they're running a 50% off promotion, and even if you miss the Cyber Monday deal, they're always running promotions! 

5. Red Dress: This dress is $89.50 at LOFT, but it's 50% off (for now.) Of course, next week, it'll probably be 40% off. You LOFT shoppers know I speak the truth. And, no, I have no idea what's with my red dress love, but would it help you to know that this dress also comes in black? I love the pleating in the skirt. It looks so...forgiving. 

6. Purple Dress: I actually own this $25 dress from Old Navy, but it hasn't made it to the blog. I wore it with tights, a black blazer, and a black/white chevron scarf for parent-teacher conferences. That same night a parent told me how fashionable I am. Win. If you do not dream of sugar plums dancing below your head and on your body, then you're in luck: it comes in several colors like black, cobalt, pink, and teal. 

7. Wrap Dress: Why do I love red so much? And why can I not take my eyes off of this dress? I'm not usually a wrap dress fan (I'm horribly uncoordinated and I have NOTHING to fill out the dress), but this one is just so lovely. It's $25 at Old Navy.

8. Sweatshirt Dress: GO BUY IT NOW. I'll wait. It's sweatpants on your whole body. Why would you deny yourself such a luxury? If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this dress here. Oh, if you would like to make it yours for a mere $22, then go on over to Old Navy

For the record, no one sponsors me, so these opinions are most certainly my own. I just have an unhealthy love for Old Navy, LOFT, and red dresses it appears. Let me know if you make an investment unless I steered you wrong. In that case, I don't want to know. 


  1. Gorgeous dresses! That maroon lace dress is calling my name. And even though it's obviously adorable, all I could think about the second dress was Little Orphan Annie!

  2. I ordered #4 last night! #2 reminded me of Ian Falconer's children's book, Olivia. I bought a similar dress to #2 that was on clearance at Target. It is navy and surprisingly flattering.

  3. I LOVE the purple dress and the fact that you own it! It sounds like you styled it exactly how I would have styled it for myself! Such a fun pop of color for the dreary winter! xo


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