Friday, August 29, 2014

I still get dressed.

Well, week one of my 9th year of teaching is in the books. Also, I started an intense two-year-long Master's Degree program in Educational Technology. Also, we might be settling on our house even sooner. By the time September comes to a close, I might not know my own name. OH, that's right, three years after getting married, I'm also changing my name, finally getting rid of the first name I never go by and turning my current middle name into my new first name, which will make my current last name my new middle name. WHO AM I!? WHAT IS LIFE!? 

The saddest truth is that I'm typing this post on my phone because I'm too pooped to reach for my laptop, which might be the new theme of my intermittent posts with which I'll attempt to grace your presence. Or, I might just sit in the beautiful, new Whole Foods in town because pretty, tasty food makes me feel all the warm fuzzies. All of these tasks on the to-do list require large quantities of warm fuzzies in case you didn't know. 

So, I thought I'd show you that I have still been getting dressed these days. The showing up to school naked nightmare never came to fruition. Phew. 

Shoes: Sole Society / Pants: White House Black Market / Shirt: LOFT outlet / Vest: Forever 21 / Belt: The Limited 

Shirt: The Limited / Skirt: LOFT outlet / Shoes: J. Crew Factory / earrings: Francesca's 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My face is in a magazine.

I have no outfits or teacher style for you today. In fact, I have no idea why my eyelids are not touching each other for a long period of time right now. My graduate orientation was on Tuesday. The professor told us to expect 9 hours of work a week, on top of 5 hours worth of class. Yeah.

Anyway, I thought I would pop in to say, hey, look! There's my face in a magazine. (Some people have asked whether or not the campaign has launched yet, so I decided to keep you informed.) One of my colleagues was in D.C. this week, and she picked up a copy of the Capitol File. As she flipped through it, there she found my face. Laughing. How illustrative of my personality. And the lovely crease that looks a little like the cousin of a second chin. And my name in big, bold letters. If I had a bucket list, I guess this would be an item I could cross off of it.

Anyway, if you want to see the online version, the media specialist at my school found it in a jiffy. Here it is. It's on page 30-31. I have no idea where else my face might show up, but if you see me in Elle, Harper's Bazaar, or the like, please let me know. I have a mother who wishes to buy every copy on the newsstand.

P.S. I was probably laughing because I was talking with the photographer and the beauty manager about the penis scene in Superbad. Inappropriate? Perhaps. Hilarious? Absolutely.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teacher Style: Black Chiffon Dress (and my anniversary)

Today marks Jeff's and my third year of marriage and tenth year together. I am a firm believer that I should be able to count the years prior to our marriage because I think the people who got married after ten seconds of knowing each other aren't allowed to say they've been together longer than Jeff and I have been just because it took him six years to pull the trigger. That's all I'll say on that part of the matter.

Anyway, I won't get sappy on you about how much I love him, but let's just say I even had a dream about him last night that he defended our house from attackers. Clearly, even my subconscious feels safe with him. He's truly an amazing man, and it's no wonder why everyone who meets him loves him. 

Moving on to my black chiffon dress. I thought it was too dressy and that I'd need to send it packing. Nope, it proved its worth today. You are granted permission to stay in my closet, dress.

(The dress is from LOFT several years ago.)

Look 1: colored cardigan + belt + neutral shoes
I thought about wearing my yellow cardigan, but I decided to give it a break. Plus, I didn't want to look like a bumble bee. Also, I really love the color of this cardigan.

Look 2: colored cardigan + printed belt + statement earrings + dressy wedges
The leopard belt felt unexpected to me. And I realized how much I love the collar of this dress. This look happens to be my favorite of the four.

Look 3: printed cardigan + belt + neutral shoes
This cardigan made me wish I had more printed cardigans. In colors. Granted, I think my closet might just give me the middle finger if I add another cardigan to it. (There may or may not be one in my online shopping cart right now.)

Look 4: okay, this look is much like number 2; it just switches up the colors and prints. I almost didn't show it to you, but I thought I'd make it very clear how small tweaks can change the look. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Teacher Style: Striped Dress

Originally, I queued up all of this week's posts on Sunday night because I wanted to focus on just school this week; however, now that I am not spending all of my time binge watching Netflix shows and filling imaginary shopping carts online, I actually have things to say. Business as usual around here.

Teachers started back this week. Yesterday, our principal told us to wear "activewear," which I naturally interpreted as yoga pants. In June, the administrators planned this awesome mini golfing experience meant for team building. The county feared we would lob each other in the face with balls or sticks, so they vetoed that plan. A week ago. Our administration decided, instead, to send us on a scavenger hunt around the school. Umm, so fun! I suggest having you try this free app with your students: Klikaklu. You can create scavenger hunts for students to complete using their smartphones (or an iPad lab if you have one, whatever works). I think I know what I might be doing for this year's first day activities.

Today, when we received some much appreciated teacher preparation time, I decided to focus on really setting up my classroom. (We high school teachers do not typically get as into it as you elementary school teachers do, so pat us on the back here.) I put previous student posters (for projects I'll do again this year) below my back chalkboard so that I can reference them when we get to that project. I hung all of my inspirational posters under my front chalkboard (alternating horizontal and vertical posters because I'm a creature who loves patterns.) I have a wall full of laminated vocabulary words for the year. (Note: I test students cumulatively and teach them root-word-based vocabulary; I chose roots that match up with themes of each text we read every quarter.) I have a co-teacher, an intern, and two student aides, which meant I needed seating for everyone. I created what I now call "The Great Wall of Teachers," which is really just three teacher desks side by side. I created a corner for my aides to accomplish work because everyone needs a workspace. I created a "Write Stuff" corner with a desktop computer my husband so kindly donated to my classroom and a bulletin board of writing rules.

My favorite spot of the classroom is my student hub, a place where all of their school supply needs can be met (highlighters, index cards, pens, pencils, notebook paper, absentee work, tissues, hole puncher, staplers, tape, markers, colored pencils, crayons, extra spiral notebooks, extra folders, glue sticks, and scissors.) If a student asks for something, I can point in one direction every single time. I know elementary school teachers have similar stations in their rooms, so why can't I employ the same method of organization with my teenage people? 

Anyway, back to the dress of the day that I bought from Kohl's during their Peter Som collaboration. Of course, I paid much less than the original price because my mom poops 30% off coupons. And Kohl's cash. And glitter. And fairy dust. She might actually be part unicorn.

Look 1: statement necklace + colored belt + wedges
You guys, I just got these wedges from Macy's (White Mountain brand) for half price, and I LOVE them to itty bitty pieces. I searched the world over for a pair exactly like them (my criteria? casual, black, open-toed wedges), but nothing fit right until now. They're the perfect casual counterpart to the dressy black wedges featured in look 3.

Look 2: statement earrings + scarf + flats
I did not realize how me this outfit felt until I saw the picture. Boy, I love the color of the scarf (from a student!) and these new earrings from Francesca's. 

Look 3: statement earrings + belted cardigan + dressy wedges
These earrings are also from Francesca's, which is pretty much my go-to place for jewelry these days. Everything is so reasonably priced. And, yeah, I can't get enough of these J.Crew Factory wedges.

Look 4: blazer + necklace + belt + neutral flats
I love my blazers. You know it's true if you've been around these parts for a colder season. However, only three of my million blazers work well with dresses because of their length. All of my other blazers are perfect for skinny pants. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Style: Navy Dress

I picked only three dresses for you this week because, you know what? I own an exorbitant amount of skirts, but not so many dresses. Dresses perplex me. I find one that fits my upper half but then it will be too short on me. If I try tall sizes, they don't fit in width. So, the dress struggle is real. Anyway, today's dress is perfect, and I'd buy it in every color if they had it. I found it for a good deal this past spring at J.Crew Factory (only ever shop the sales...ever.)

(In image two, that is not a "scarf necklace," it is just a scarf instead of a necklace. Stupid error stays as it is. And, technically, an infinity scarf is like a fabric necklace.)

Look 1: statement necklace + flats
Mom bought this necklace for my birthday, and I simply love it. I immediately pictured it with this dress. I kept the look pretty simple. 

Look 2: scarf (not scarf necklace) + colored flats
I also added some big earrings. I think statement earrings work well with a scarf. I think I found me a new "formula." 

Look 3: colored cardigan + matching shoes and necklace
Oh, hey, it's the yellow cardigan again. Surprise. I think what makes it go with everything is its length. Perfect length for a dress. I wish I could find this perfect length and fabric again, but I bought the cardigan so many years ago. Why didn't my past self understand how awesome this cardigan would be?

Look 4: printed cardigan + statement necklace + neutral shoes
I really love these colors together. And this necklace finishes off the look quite nicely. Feel free to substitute your printed cardigan for a printed blazer.

 Look 5: heels + leather jacket
I wanted to show you how to take this look on a date if you're jetting off from work to a restaurant. I also now understand why some women wear heels every day. Hello there, leg muscles. Nice to see you.

Sorry for the crappy photo quality. I haven't seen my mom in a week and a half.  Plus, this school year is going to be crazy, so I'm not sure I'll have time for fancy posts (or any posts) once the school year (including grad school, round two) begins. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Teacher Style: Colored Tee

And the last shirt for the week is a colored tee. Pick one that lends itself to many of the patterns in your closet. I ended up getting six more shirts similar to this one at LOFT when they were having a buy one get one free promotion. I realized that solid color tees are something I seriously lack, yet am always searching my drawers for.



There you have it, the end of shirt week. Next week, I hope to show you some cute dresses perfect for the classroom!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Teacher Style: Lace Shirt (and my birthday)

Well, I'm 30 years young today, and I'm still getting acne like a hormonal pubescent teenager. In fact, it sort of looks like an explosion hit my face, something that didn't even happen when I was a teenager. Am I actually getting younger? Is Benjamin Button my brother?

Anyway, feel free to send gifts my way. I will happily take them. And if you have clear skin, I hate you so bad right now.

 Top: Old Navy


Well, I included some casual Friday and everyday teacher looks for the lace shirt. It's probably a better choice for a bit cooler weather (unless yours is short-sleeved).

Which look is your favorite?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teacher Style: Yellow Cardigan

I hope Kate is reading today because I know how much she loves this cardigan. I realized that she is not alone. Clearly, I keep reaching for this cardigan more than any other cardigan I own. It finds itself a part of so many outfits. I love its softness and length. Luckily for me, I own the same cardigan in a blue shade as well :)

Now, these looks all feature the yellow cardigan, but you can try similar looks with any colored cardigan. Use that imagination of yours. If you're a teacher, you clearly have one. Don't deny it.

Wow, right? Who would've thought?
Cardigan: Express (so very old like I-bought-it-in-high-school old)
Options: Nordstrom and August Silk (Macy's)


(Oh, look, there's the floral shirt again.)

(I miss this chambray. I sort of wish I could have kept it, but it got way too short.)

Clearly, the yellow cardigan is versatile. It worked with colored bottoms, patterned tops, pendant necklaces, and statement necklaces. Good job, cardigan, you'll never find yourself in the donation pile. May you live forever. 

No, I see no dress looks here either. I don't know what's up with that. Hopefully, you'll see it make a reappearance for dress week next week :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teacher Style: Chambray

Today's shirt is everyone's new best friend: the chambray. I scoured the archives and found a lot of teacher looks featuring chambray, but actually not as many as I had anticipated, which I guess is good. I can fit only so many in my collage.

I recently bought a short-sleeve chambray, and I love it. I think it'll become more of a favorite than the current long-sleeve chambray I have from Old Navy. (I did not, however, include it in the collage, but you can find a look featuring it here.)

Chambray: Old Navy

(Obviously, you won't wear the hat for teaching, but I love the rest of the silhouette.) 

Dress down a fancy skirt with your chambray for work. (I'd wear different shoes, however. A pop of color, perhaps.)

Wear it with one of your printed skirts. Tuck it in or knot it in front of your skirt.

Layer it under or over one of your dresses. To tuck it under like I did here, knot it and then tuck the knot under.

Here is a cute fall/winter look for a casual Friday. If you're lucky, your mom is as awesome at crocheting as mine is.

Leave it untucked with a pair of colored skinnies and tall boots. Again, this look works well for a casual Friday or even an in-service day.

If you're not into skinny pants because they feel too informal, try a bootcut pant like these with your chambray. I like this look as well for a casual Friday or in-service day.

Okay, this look is fine for a day that's not casual. You can tuck yours in, but I liked the visual interest of the knotted shirt. Choose your own adventure. I added heels for more sophistication. 

As you can see, chambray does not have to serve just your casual Fridays. Tuck it into a skirt or button it over/under a dress, and you have yourself a dressier look. 

Which one would you actually wear to work?