Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If she wants to rock, she rocks. If she wants to roll, she rolls.

Welcome to this week's installment of Trendy Tuesday: Rock and Roll. I love the lyrics from Eric Hutchinson's song "Rock and Roll." (Yes, those lyrics in the title.)

It took some time to settle on this outfit for today's theme, but I really like how it turned out. Plus, when I woke up with crazy curly hair, I felt today was as appropriate day as any to rock my mane.

I don't usually talk a lot about the clothes but rather the day I had in those clothes; however, I'm switching it up today.

This blazer is a little bit longer, and it's perfect for a more relaxed look. Black blazers are rock and roll, no? (Truth: I'll find a way to make a blazer work for every theme.) This style blazer pairs much better with skinny jeans since it's looser. Looser blazers + non-skinny jeans = too much looseness for my taste.

These jeans? They're from Old Navy; they're the Rockstar style. I sized up from my typical 0 to a 4 (Old Navy's sizing really confuses me), and I just love them. They're mid-rise, which makes me happy because showing my buttcrack--or, rather, living in fear of showing my buttcrack--makes me unhappy.

I got this shirt a year or two ago; it's a little longer in the back, but it's just right with this blazer. I'll be honest with you: it took some effort not to tuck in my shirt and put on a belt because if you've spent any length of time on this blog, you know of my love for tucked in shirts and belts.

Oh, thanks, Mom, for these hand-me-down booties! They're the bee's knees and add the perfect edgy touch to my "rocker" look.

The Look:
Blazer: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's
Top: Rock and Republic (how appropriate?) via Kohl's
Jeans: Mid-rise distressed Rockstars (again, the appropriateness) via Old Navy
Booties: from Momma 
Necklace: Forever 21

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Sarah's challenge for the month of April--such a cool idea. Seriously, check it out.
Throughout the month of April, you can blog (or Instagram!) outfits for the different trends:
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2. pastel
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9. neon (I consider that a win today.)
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  1. Blurgh!! This is the second post in a row that I've clicked the "publish" button on a comment and the whole thing just disappears! So I'm trying again. Here's the gist: you look awesome and I really like your blazer. Hoping this sticks this time...

  2. I was wondering what you were going to choose for this weeks theme! The fact that I wouldn't have guessed this is a pleasant surprise. Distressed jeans seem quite appropriate if you ask me. I thought you'd rock the leather but I love that you make a blazer rock and roll. Typical Danielle :)

  3. I love that song! And now I'm going to listen to it...

  4. What a great top! I like hearing about your days, but I actually really like your commentary on your outfit, too. Sarah's challenge is cool, but once I saw the word "fringe" and "cropped", I realized I couldn't participate. Unless I cut up some clothes, but that's not going to happen. Before I even saw your post, I had the lyric "I love rock and roll, put another dime in the jukebox, baby" stuck in my head. Craaazy.

  5. I have those same jeans! And so does 2 of my co-workers, and numerous other bloggers! Haha. It makes me happy that I can sit down and not worry about having to hurry and tuck my shirt it. I call them my mom jeans. Mom jeans with a hint of rockstar.

  6. Eric Hutchinson for the win! I love him! Now I'm singing it in my head... I'd like to try these jeans out. I like the look of denim with a tiny bit of distressing. I wonder if they come in talls...checking it out now...


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