Friday, April 4, 2014

I hate bugs, but I love flowers.

The other day, I talked about how I watched an enormous bug of an unknown variety creep down my wall. Pair this bug with his enormous shadow cast on the wall in the dim light and you have yourself a scary movie recipe. I thought about that bug for a little while, and I realized something. When you live in a house that you can call your own, bugs do not disconcert you quite so much because you think, "hey, that's my bug. I know where that bug came from." When you live in an apartment, you think to yourself, "who the hell owns that bug? WHOSE bug is that? WHO SENT YOU!?" When you run into enough neighbors of dubious quality, that question leaves an unsettling cockroach of a pit in your stomach.

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway, where there are bugs, there are often flowers. In this case, those flowers are happily residing on my blazer today. I keep meaning to wear this blazer because I really do love it, but other outfits continued to oust it from the line up. Fret not, my pretty blazer, today was your day, and multiple people fawned over you. Plus, you fit perfectly into Sarah's April Challenge.

The Look:
Blazer: Lauren Conrad via Kohl's (similar from ASOS)
Jeans (jeggings...whatever): American Eagle high-rise (exact)
Flats: Audrey Brooke via DSW (love these Steve Madden ones)
Sweater: J.Crew Factory (exact--mine is positano blue...hello, city in Under the Tuscan Sun!)
Necklace: I really wish I could remember where I bought it, but a boy student struck up a conversation with me about it today. "Is that rose quartz, Ms. Wo? I really like that necklace." He loves my favorite book, The Alchemist, so he's clearly an awesome kid. 

This sweater from J.Crew Factory is pretty much perfect. It's the right length, right color (cobalt always wins), and right thickness (not too thick for spring-ish weather). The lovely lady who teaches next door to me was wearing this sweater in purple today, which made me love the sweater even more. 

I also wore the blazer this way...
(Well, I wore them this way in the dressing room. I wish I would've bought those pants!)

I wore the "warm rose" version of this sweater with my floral skirt:

By the way, at the end of next week, you might not hear much from me. I get sinus surgery on Thursday, and I'll be a hot mess for at least five days. If I can, I will hang out with Mom this weekend to get some pictures of future outfits so that you can see what I'd look like without tubes and gauze in my face. (You're welcome for the word visual.) Of course, I might just sit on the couch and chat with her and dad while I play with the puppies, Sammy and Rudy.


  1. Ooooh that blazer is so pretty! I actually saw it at kohls on the clearance rack a few times, and now you're making me wish I would've gotten it. I have the book th alchemist but I cannot for anything remember where or who I got it from or what it's even about, but apparently I read a couple chapters of it that I do not remember for the life of me. (Gosh is this what it feels like to get older?!) If it's your favorite book, then maybe I should read it?

  2. I hope your surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.

  3. yayyyy floral blazer! Link this up next week for floral week!

  4. Oh dang, this blazer is gorgeous! Actually, everything about this outfit is gorgeous. No, everything about YOU is gorgeous! Good luck with your surgery next week!

  5. Yay for floral blazer! Those two JCrew sweaters are so pretty! They look a bit thinner which is what I should be wearing in Sunny California. I hardly get to wear sweaters so lighter ones would be a smart option for me. Thinner=better in this case.

    I'm super jealous of the way those pants fit you! They look more like ankle jeans on you which I think is much more flattering. Good luck with your surgery! I hope everything goes smoothly and you recover pretty quickly!

  6. Damn you for bringing up that creepy bug again...GROSS! At least you're wearing a darling outfit - seriously. I love it.

    Also, good luck with your surgery this week! I wish I lived by you so I could come hang out with you and keep you company while you recover. Maybe I'll send you a ridiculous video like the Little Black Raincloud one I sent you so long ago... ;)

  7. I have too many thoughts about your post. So, get ready for a long comment!

    1. Love the blazer! I was looking for a floral cardigan this weekend, but now I think a blazer would be just as good. Maybe better!
    2. I started reading The Alchemist this weekend and I couldn't remember who recommended it. I think it was you, based on it being your favorite book.
    3. I have to disagree about house bugs being better than apartment bugs. I hate any bug that dares come inside. Just stay outside, bugs - then I don't have to freak out and smash you!
    4. Cobalt continues to win - perhaps it deserves a theme week soon!
    5. I hope your sinus surgery goes well and that you recover quickly!

  8. Bugs are the worst. We're suffering with ladybugs in the house right now. I could think of worse bugs to have in the house...but still, I prefer no bugs at all. Flowers, on the other hand, are marvelous.


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