Thursday, April 3, 2014

March into April

Maybe this is a cop out because Mom couldn't take my pictures this week (thanks, weekend monsoon), but I decided to compile some of my favorite looks from March. Frankly, I think I sort of brought my A game. No, I don't know how one can "sort of" bring her A game, but just go with me on this one. Okay?

Favorite Dressy Look and Color Combination
Sure, I loved my pink and green combination this March, but this outfit came together perfectly without the help of Pinterest. The scarf served up a plate of steaming inspiration, and it was delicious. 
I'm hungry now.

Favorite Work Look
Typically, I throw some bright colors into my outfit because I love me some color, and I love my pants with belts; however, this beltless outfit full of neutrals happens to rank as one of my favorites. This blazer is the perfect fit and so are the pants. As for the sparkle of my sweater and bows on my heels? Happy details. 

Favorite Casual Look
A little sparkle in this shirt, too! Give me mustard, give me stripes, give me a jean jacket, and give me elation. Comfort defined right here, folks.

Favorite Date Look
The best date looks fulfill two criteria: 
1. Make you feel sexy.
2. Make you feel comfortable.
Comfortably sexy. There's a match made in heaven. 

I just spied an insect of an unknown variety scampering down my apartment wall. 
I'm going to go throw up now. 


  1. You know spring is on it's way when the bugs start coming back. Last night I went to get some ice cream and there was a stink bug sitting on the handle of the freezer. I guess that's one way to start a diet. Love your picks from March, especially the work look! I want pants like that!

  2. ugh, bugs! that really adds contrast to all these pretty outfits! I'm happy to say I haven't encountered any bugs in my house yet this spring, but it's only a matter of time.

  3. I was going to put together a March favorites post, but then I realized that two of three of my favorites were a sweater and work pants/skirt. Zero variety, unlike your posts. The first and last outfits were my favorites of your last month!

  4. Your date night look is by far my favorite. Comfortably sexy all day err day!

  5. I HATE BUGS. Omg, they're the grossest and I can't handle seeing them in the house. I hope you were able to kill the one that ran down your wall...

    Your work outfit is my favorite one of yours - you seriously look amazing in those pants.

  6. I like that you compiled this post. You did have many cute outfits last month. I usually do a recap post of Favorite Looks by no later than the 3rd of the next month, but I just started the 30 for 30 challenge - you should visit me to see how I do. So I'm doing my 3 Favorite Looks post this weekend. Anyway, I like all these 4 especially the one with the Maxi Skirt because it is the most unique. Also, I wore a similar Outfit with a Striped Tee & Denim Jacket, just a couple of days ago. =)

    Enjoy the weekend (without any bugs)!!


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