Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Seeing Spots

Typically, Jeff remains cautious about commenting on something that I'm wearing (smart man), so if he actually says something, then I know he's being honest. After Mom took pictures of this outfit, Jeff declared, "I really like those pants." Any man who encourages crazy prints and bright colors as much as I do is clearly meant to be married to me. 

When Sarah promoted the April Challenge, I immediately thought of these pants for both the cropped and geometrics themes. THEN, when Marissa and Heidi posted their Pantone Challenge, I realized these shoes would be the perfect pop of dazzling blue color for this outfit. Ah, I love it when things just fall into place. 

Thank you to all of you who have sent me get well wishes. I am so glad I chose to get surgery over my spring break because it gives me ample time to recover. However, one can watch only so much TV before wanting to run around furiously in circles. I am going STIR CRAZY. I am about to make friends with the spiders or actually begin conversing with Ellie, my elephant-shaped humidifier. Luckily, two of my colleagues are coming to visit me today. 
Talking to humans is preferable. 

The Look:
Top: LOFT (gift from Momma)
Pants: New York & Co. 
Necklace: Poshmark shop
Shoes: via Kohl's (I really do love these shoes.)

Cute little Rudy (a.k.a. Rooster)

After looking at the front of his head, can you see why we nicknamed him Rooster? So much fluff on the top of his head. 

I also wore the top this way...

The pants this way...

And the shoes this way...

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  1. You look adorable! I bet you're going stir crazy, once you have kids you'll cherish this time alone. Seriously.

  2. This outfit is awesome! I have that top and I just love it. The pop of dazzling blue is so fun and so appropriate for spring! Glad you have visitors coming to entertain you as you recover :)

  3. I love those bright colored shoes in look 1! To die for!

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  4. Those pants are awesome - I want them now! And the shoes are just the icing on the cake of the outfit.

  5. Your pants are so fun! I've always been too nervous to try printed pants, but I really like how yours look! Also, your dog is so cute!!

  6. I love those pants! Polka dots for the win! And I've already fangirled quite a bit over those shoes.

  7. I really love the all-neutral outfit with those amazing blue shoes! And as an English teacher, you will appreciate this: I had my sinus surgery the summer before my senior year of high school and I kept myself busy by reading Great Expectations from my summer reading list.

  8. Love these pants! I actually tried on some black and white printed pants at Marshall's and really wanted them, but opted for just the gray pair because I'm too cheap to buy two pairs at once lol. Is there a certain postmark shop you got that necklace from?

  9. Jeff is totally right about those pants. I think the patterned pant trend is best worn in a dressier material cropped version. Black and white also make them perfect. I am drooling over your shoes. They are just so fun. Are they Apt 9 by any chance? I tried on a taupe version just like those but couldn't keep them on my feet. I was between my usual sizes I think which was a shame because I LOVE them.

    Are you still going stir-crazy? I hope not. If you need a new show to get hooked on, may I recommend Scandal? It's my current fave.

  10. YES!!! I love this whole outfit, from your perfect peplum top to those bright blue shoes :) I LOVE your sense of style, Danielle. It just speaks to my soul.


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