Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pickles Solve Everything.

When Mom "babysat" me for a few hours the day after my surgery last week, I popped up from the couch (okay, at that point, there was no "popping up" of any sort, but I digress) and declared, "I want a pickle. I don't know why, but every time I feel like poo, I want a pickle. I talked to Jeremy [that's my brother] and he said he wants to eat only pickles when he's sick. They're like a magic elixir." What did Mom say in return? She feels the same way about pickles. And the pickles can be only dill pickles; no other will suffice. We share pickle sick cravings it appears. Of course, one must be careful not to consume too many pickles because that can induce another type of "sickness." And that kind of "sickness" makes me want to unfriend myself and run as far away from me as possible.

Another weird observation for you: sinus surgery might have helped with my complexion. I know this is so odd, which is no surprise coming from me, but, as Mom said, my face doesn't look so "angry." I had a lot of inflammation/redness on my cheeks, which we're thinking might have been because I had snot stuck in my face. My septum was so deviated that the snot couldn't run away inside my face, so maybe it was trying to run away outside of my face? I don't know. Either way, my face is looking and feeling so much better already. No, I am not looking forward to the follow-up appointment when the doctor will suck more things out of my face on Friday, but nothing can be as bad as the unpacking process. If women were ordered to give birth through their noses, I would venture to say that's exactly what the unpacking process is: things far too enormous are exiting holes far too small. You're welcome for the imagery.

Sorry for going on and on and on and on the past few days about my sinuses, but I think this post brought back the funny. Aren't you happy to read me in my true form? No? Well then, let me distract you with a pretty outfit.

Also, would you mind telling me how you feel about this skirt on me? It has pockets (HELLO!?), and I love its length/color, but I am wondering if it looks too voluminous on me? It's definitely my size, but I'd love to know if it works for my bottom half.

(At least my stalker is cute?)

The Look:
Cardigan: New York & Co. (gift from my sister in law--I love this cardigan! I wish I didn't search for a similar one online because now I want ALL of these.)
Top: Old Navy (navy & white from Target)
Skirt: Poshmark (lions79 has a cuuuute closet) but it's J.Crew (similar)
Heels: J.Crew Factory (exact)

 Look at me bringing sexy back.

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  1. The skirt looks great on you! I feel funny in full skirts but I think it's because I'm used to a slim profile and they seem so poufy when I look down at one.

  2. You look so cute and I'm so glad you're staring got feel better and that your skin isn't so "angry."

  3. I really love your skirt! I always tend to gravitate towards full skirts, probably because I have more of a pair shape. But I think it's adorable on you! I also love the color paired with the pink cardigan!

  4. A skirt with pockets? WINNNNERRRR!!!

  5. Your sinus posts are seriously cracking me up and taking me back to my surgery. The unpacking might have been the worst part! I felt like they were pulling my brains out through my nose (I hope nobody else reads this comment because that is definitey TMI). Anyways, I LOVE the skirt! I think it looks great on you and I really like how you've styled it here!

  6. You make me laugh every day, and that's important! I don't like pickles, but I like you! And this skirt. I don't think it looks too voluminous on you, since you have it paired with a more fitted top tucked in. Just don't wear it with an untucked flowy tank!

  7. I love that you used the word "snot" twice. Ha ha ha! And the skirt looks good on you. I don't think it overwhelms you at all.

  8. I didn't even need an explanation for your title, I just immediately shook my head in agreement. Yep, pickles cure all. And this skirt is adorable; it's perfect on you.

  9. Any excuse to eat a pickle is a valid one. Dill pickles for the win. I'm not sure I've craved them when sick but I'm pretty sure they help with hangovers. Just in case.

    I don't think that skirt is too voluminous at all! It's quite cute on you and the length is perfect for your small frame. Your hair always looks so pretty. I'm jealous that you can style it perfectly. That cardigan is perfection. I too want all the cardigans from your link. But longer sleeve versions are preferable. You'd be surprised how cold my forearms get.

  10. Pockets are everything. Pickles are too!

  11. 1. I've never heard of this sick pickle thing, but it made me laugh and now I want to google it.
    2. Your description of the gunk coming out of your nose is exactly why I don't want to give birth.
    3. You continue to be the cutest thing ever, and I want to put you in my pocket.
    4. I think your skirt is awesome - not too voluminous at all - and I would like one for myself.

  12. 2 THINGS:

    1) I LOL about the pickle comment. You crack me up. I love dill pickles anytime, though.

    2) Pack this outfit with you to Dallas. The skirt in particular is so pretty. I am wearing a pretty cobalt skirt in my latest post too - check it out!

    That's all. =)

  13. This is such a great outfit! The polka dot top was the perfect top to wear with this cardigan and skirt! I just love it all!

  14. LOVE that top. Can't believe you purchased from Old Navy.
    Visiting from Favorite Fashion Friday!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog


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