Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Can we trade closets, Ms. Wo?"

One of my favorite students asked me this question today. Honestly, we might just be the same size, and she wears some cute outfits. Unlike her classmates, she does not dress up for school in sweatpants and t-shirts every day. My kind of kid. When she asked me to switch closets, another student was with her. I swear this other girl should model; she has to be 5'10", lean, and she rocks a British accent. Seriously, I'll never be that cool. Anyway, she said (in her adorable accent), "Me too. I'll shrink to fit into your clothes." These ladies need to teach a lesson in compliment giving to yesterday's boy who referred to me as "bling-y" and "wearing too much jewelry" (apparently a necklace and earrings qualify as too much).

Today, I realized how refreshing it is to see a kid go by his or her full given name. Kathryn instead of Katie, Nicholas instead of Nick, Joseph instead of Joey. I just love it. Now, there's certainly nothing wrong with nicknames, but there's actually something unique about going by your full name instead of an abbreviated version of it. I'm weird, yeah?

Without further ado, here is today's outfit. Apparently, one of my students (who's in the fashion club, I might add) has this same blazer. Great, fashionable minds think dress alike?

Jeff didn't mind taking my picture today because I bought this for him.
That Sacha Baron Cohen is something else. Whew.

Blazer: Marshall's (some random brand--I just looked for a black & white striped blazer at a certain price point; this gem fit the bill)
Top: Kohl's (again, I wanted a longer white v-neck shirt that didn't ride up; this one was less than $10, so I scooped it up)
Pants: H&M (I love the fit. The rise is a little bit higher, so I don't feel like someone could use the back of my pants as a basketball hoop.)
Shoes: Marc Fisher at Macy's (bought 'em in NYC with my parents!)
Jewelry: Kohl's or NY & Co. (not entirely sure which)

I seriously need to have my picture taken when my clothes aren't wrinkled after playing whack-a-mole all day and my face isn't haggard. Blargh. 

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