Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taking My Mom "Shopping"

Well, I considered putting on an outfit to look cute...at home...while I finished writing letters of recommendations. I then used my brain. Let's be honest: I haven't changed my clothes or washed my hair for over twenty-four hours. I might be underestimating in an attempt to make you think more of me than I deserve at the moment.

Anyway, the other day, I took my mom "shopping" with me. She could not actually be with me in stores, which I certainly would have preferred, so I inundated her with pictures via text message. Sometimes, I need someone to be honest, which she is always willing to be, and tell me that sartorial choice is not a good one.

Let's take this coat, for example. I loved the color, and it reminded me of this one from J.Crew. Yeah, I suppose J. Crew's coat wins with its buttons and the tie. They give it some structure that it so desperately needs on my small upper body. This coat was Calvin Klein or Michael Kohrs. I can't be sure. (Look at that little rhyme. How clever.)

I'm mean mugging my phone. Excuse me for a moment. 

I then ventured into NY & Co. Their buy one sweater get one free event was far too tempting to ignore. Here are some combinations I threw together. Note: the pants and shoes are mine. I didn't actually snap a picture of my real outfit that day. Oops.

Though I like this leather jacket's fur collar and color, I want one that's a bit longer. I purchased the sweater, not the jacket.

I really liked this peplum top from TopShop, but I paid less for this pretty purple one thanks to my discount (and no shipping charge). Also, I like sleeves since I refuse to bare my shoulders as a teacher.
Does this outfit actually work? I didn't plan for it to be an outfit, but I might like it. Of course, I would change to a gold belt and gold shoes for some bling. 
 I found this sweater hiding under a coat. I actually thought it was a funny shaped scarf. Silly me. Clearly, I love the color. Look at me going all monochromatic.
Hey, look, you can see my sweater on the bench! That's what I wore for real. 

Next, I bring you to Old Navy and its poorly-lit dressing room. My mom swore this blazer was a coral color. I refuse to blame my phone. It's actually red. You can find it here. Again the pants are mine. I just wanted to try on the blazer's fit.

I've been looking for a flannel shirt. I tried this one with the blazer until I realized those are pink stripes, not red ones. Plus, I wanted something a bit more understated considering my closet is a leprechaun's dream.

I showed Mom these two. She liked them both. I thought the one on the right looked less like anything I already owned, and it would match a lot of my wardrobe. I bought it.

And look at this happy little coincidence! It goes so nicely with my blazer. Mom liked the mixing of fabrics. I clearly get my taste from her ;) And, no, I have no idea what the problem with the bangs on the left side of my head is. If you want the shirt, you can find it here. (for less than I paid, grumble grumble grumble.) 

I had a gift card that I wanted to use immediately, so I bought these things I then realized were less expensive online. I am considering taking the stuff back and buying them online. Would you advise this course of action? Thoughts?

Anyway, our last stop is Marshalls where I finally bought this pair of gray, maroon, and navy wedges. I keep staring at them, and I caved. I had to use my store credit, and I couldn't think of a better purchase.  They even match my pants. Another happy little coincidence.

I hope you enjoyed my virtual shopping trip and all of its plunders.

It's time to finish those letters of recommendations. Yippee!

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