Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Why do you look all bling-y?"

Yep, that's what one of my male students asked me today. You see, we need to work with him on appropriate ways to ask girls questions; otherwise, he will forever be alone. Or, his girlfriend will be a robot like those women in Stepford Wives. Or, she will abuse him for his stupidity. Whichever comes first. Also, he wears mismatched athletic shorts and t-shirts every day, not exactly a fashion maven that one. Oh, and some of my most fashionably savvy girls told me how much they loved my outfit. Eat that, blingmeister flex.

Anyway, today was a long one because I had grad class until 7:00 (got out twenty minutes early, what what?!) after having woken up at 5 whatever o'clock this morning. Why am I telling you this? Because I need you to know why I look so haggard. My outfit is cute, if I do say so myself, but my face has seen better days.

When I came home, I knew I needed Jeff to take my picture. I had to dance around waiting because what was he doing?
Playing Call of Duty, of course. 
 I told him to look pretty, and I got this:
Yep, because he's hot. 
Let's get to the reason you're really here: to see me my cute outfit.

Would you like to know what I love about bangs? Of course you would. I love bangs because I can pull back the rest of my hair and still look polished. Yep, best part about bangs. However, this weird little part thing they're doing on the right is not so wonderful. 

Like I said, face looks haggard. Dayum, Gina.

 I'm saving the best for last here. After Jeff took those first few pictures (which he was none too happy about, I might add), he said, "So, when I got you your water, I got something cute for my cute wife." I opened the refrigerator to find these mini versions of Sierra Mist Natural. In love, I tell you, in love. With my husband or these fun-sized cans? You'll never know.

Top: The Limited (it was on sale and it was sparkly. Who was I to say no?)
Polka dot skinnies: Marshall's (cannot remember the brand & too lazy to go find it for you)
Blazer: Express (last season, and I love it so much)
Flats: Marshall's (Fact: Jessica Simpson was made for making shoes, not singing.)
Necklace: NY & Co.
Earrings: Croft & Barrow (at Kohl's)

I do hope you enjoyed today's sartorial choices. Yeah, who just used a fifty dollar word? I did.

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