Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"I'm wearing my picture day shirt."

I had a conversation with one of my male colleagues. It went something like this:

Me: "I really like your shirt."
Colleague: "You know what shirt this is?"
Me: "Mmm?"
Colleague: "This is my picture day shirt. I wear this shirt once a year every year, only on picture day. It makes my wife so angry! All of my pictures are the same every year because I wear the same shirt every time. Sometimes, I can't help myself and I wear it more than once a year."
I love this colleague, and what a genius idea. 

Today's outfit was undeniably comfortable. I'm also still in love with my hair. What a winning combination. 

Sleeveless cardigan: Gap
Braided brown belt: Francescas
Striped dress (which is actually long enough for work!): Old Navy
Tights: The black abyss under my bed
Boots: Franco Sarto (at Marshalls)

Can you believe it's only Tuesday? How did that happen? Where do I send my letter of complaint? 

Anyway, what's your favorite thing to wear on picture day? :) 

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