Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Jeans

You know what the best thing about my outfit is? I got to see my Momma while I was wearing it :) She is simply the best Momma I could ever ask for. Yesterday, after we (including Jeff!) went for sushi, she stayed with me in the Home Depot while I picked out paint colors for my upstairs bathroom. She helped me pick out paint colors. Had she not been there, I would have closed the place down before I ended up deciding on colors. I'm pretty euphoric about the color choices :) Don't worry; I'll show pictures of my finished work. 

While we were at The Home Depot, we ran into people we had known since I was very, very small. However, because I was so small when we knew them, I couldn't remember exactly who they were, just that we knew them. I kept nudging mom, "We know them." She agreed, but couldn't place them officially. Finally, I went up to the wife and said, "I have a strange question for you. Do you know Jeremy __________[my brother]?" After about ten seconds, their faces registered recognition: "'re his sister." The four of us had a nice little chat. See, sometimes it's okay to brave looking like a total nutjob. :) 

Click the link to see more pictures :)

Please forgive my bangs in the following pictures. It was terribly blustery. 

 Vest: Jones New York (OLD, I found this one in my "spare" closet)
Shirt: Old Navy (this summer, I think?)
Jeans: The Limited (they are SO comfortable)
Shoes: Aerosoles from Marshalls (they are also comfortable, except when you're carrying a ridiculously heavy box of tiles, but I imagine nothing is comfortable at that moment.)
Necklace: Kohls (not sure which brand)

Here is another tidbit from one of my students. I hope it makes you chuckle, too. This student needs to start a blog or write articles for a paper. He is hysterical, yet he never talks in class, which I harass him about. (He raises his hand more, as a result.) I tell him it is a shame his classmates do not truly realize how funny he is. Anyway, read the note at the bottom of his vocabulary test. (FYI: their test required them to use ten vocabulary words in a creative story of their own creation.)

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