Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Red, Red Wiiiiiiine

I would like to announce that "Red, Red Wine" was the first song I ever learned to "freak dance" to. One of my brother's girl friends (just a friend, not romantic) taught me in elementary school. Good times. Anyway, the title is completely relevant because my pants are wine colored. Woot woot.

I make an effort to pick out my outfits the night before. Otherwise, bleary eyed, confused, and uninspired, I stand in the middle of my closet looking for an outfit the morning of. I then spend ten precious minutes finding an outfit when I could have been hitting the snooze button two more times. When I stood in the middle of my closet this morning, I looked around for a neglected item of clothing. I found this pair of corduroys from last year.

First of all, they are wine colored, and "oxblood" is the IT color this season. Win. Second of all, I love corduroys. That sound they make when you walk too quickly amuses me more than it should. Probably not a good wardrobe choice on a day I was proctoring the PSAT and had to walk around students' desks as they silently tested. I'm laughing just thinking about how I tried to spread my legs apart as I walked so that I didn't distract them. John Wayne would have been proud.

Also, this blazer is awesomesauce. It's JEAN material. I love the fluff on this blouse, too. Indeed, I love every bit of this outfit. I noticed later in the day that I am channeling the fourth of July. Understated, yes?

Awkward feet. 

Everyone loves these shoes. That's what's up.

Crazy face.

Blazer: Old Navy
Blouse: NY & Co.
Belt: Target (current)
Pants: LOFT (last year, I think)
Flats: Target

So, the story goes like this: four of my boys in sixth period harass the ever living crap out of each other every day. Typically, this tomfoolery involves kicking each other under the table, throwing binders on the floor, or snapping each other's pencils in half. Amazingly, they're still super productive in class. Yesterday, one of these boys forgot his pencil, so I gave him my coveted Scooby Doo pencil. Later that class period, one of the boys at his table straight up snapped Scooby Doo in half. I yelped, "DID YOU JUST BREAK MY PENCIL IN HALF?!" Absolutely terrified, he looked at me and said, "I didn't know it was yours!" I repeated, "DID YOU JUST BREAK MY PENCIL IN HALF!? What is WRONG with you!?" 

Today, this note was waiting for me on my desk:
I love my job. 

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