Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chambray, Stripes, and Plaid. OH MY!

Thoughtful Thursday

Well, last night, all ready to post a cute outfit for you, I pulled out my computer, and promptly fell asleep. My apologies. However, today's outfit was far cuter. Since I'm dubbing it thoughtful Thursday, I shall show you both outfits.

One of my students helps me file things and just brightens my day after school. Today, she introduced me to DANGER, WILL ROBINSON! For me, this site is worse (and by worse, I mean more addictive) than Pinterest. It links to things you can buy and shows you what's trending for the day. You can save that item on a wishlist, a gift list, or another list of your creation. You can link right to the retailer's site and buy that item. How.freaking.awesome. And dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Since I'm being thoughtful, I've given the link to you so that your productivity may also come to a screeching halt. Don't say I didn't warn you. (Note: most of the items are extremely well priced!) Dangit, I just showed you that site and lost myself in it for twenty minutes. Good grief.

Today, my thoughtful husband stopped by my work on his way home, chatted with two of my students, and walked me out to my car :) I love it when he does that. I'm sure those kids will brag tomorrow about how they met him.

Meet yesterday's duds:

My face in this picture makes me laugh. It's my, "I'm trying to be mad at you for taking pictures so quickly that they're blurry" face.

My arms are a little awkward, but what are ya going to do?

Allow me to tell you that I would have worn flats with this outfit; however, my legs were tragically hairy, and sleep was more important than shaving. Come on, 5 a.m. is tough. Cut me some slack. Yeah, I could have worn pants, but that would have taken even longer to pick out.
Top: Marshalls
Sleeveless cardigan: So old that I can't remember
Skirt: Target (this summer)
Boots: Macy's (last winter)

Here is today's outfit:

We wanted a picture with the creepers in the background. 
I created a neologism. It goes like this: Hindsight (n): the realization your butt looks really good or the too-late realization that your pants/skirt/dress is too tight, sometimes both definitions are appropriate at one time. Today's is neologism brought to you by my hindsight.

Since I passed out on the couch last night, I did not pick out my outfit in advance. Here's what happens when I pick out my outfit in the morning: I stand, like a grunting troll, shoulders all slumped over, in the middle of my closet and grumble, "What do I wearrrrrr?" I spend ten minutes staring into the abyss. 

This morning, I said, "Self, snap out of it. Put on the chambray and khaki. Figure out the rest as you blow dry your hair." Genius moment in my sleepy stupor. I realized that I hated the chambray and khaki combination I put together, and the khaki pants just wouldn't go with the yellow sweater I was thinking about pairing with the shirt. I decided on these black pants. Unfortunately, I was running too late to change into a different pair of black pants. These pants hug my behind, but dangit, I've been working out, and my behind looks fine. Now you know the etymology of my neologism. (How do you like those fifty dollar words?) Also, my co-teacher informed me that I didn't look like I had a wedgie, so my pants were not too tight. Had I been drinking something, I would have spit it out at that moment. She's so funny. 

Where I found the pieces to my ensemble:
My pants and cardigan are OLD. Like really old. They're from our friend Express. 
(I almost donated this cardigan. Crazy, right?)
This chambray top from Old Navy is too short for my liking. Does anyone have a suggestion for one that fits well and is of an appropriate length? 
My plaid pants are Rock and Republic for Kohl's. 
My necklace was on clearance at Francesca's. 

Maybe I'll allow myself to pick out my clothes in the morning more often. Maybe. 

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