Monday, October 1, 2012

Kicking it in Khaki

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I take a pilates class near work, so there's no way I'm putting my outfit back on once my t-shirt and yoga pants have become my second skin. Sorry, folks.
To make matters worse, I'm still not comfortable asking a coworker to take my picture, so you get these grainy Photo Booth pictures...and the craziness happening with the hairs on the right side of my head. 
However, you get to see my classroom in all of its equally crazy glory. 
Also, please excuse my pedometer. I'm so fit.

Top: Marshall's 
Skirt: The Limited (last year)
Shoes: Aerosoles from Marshall's 

Can I tell you that I should have been born on a boat? I cannot stop buying striped clothing. I have a serious problem. 

I love this skirt, and these shoes. I stand all day long, and my feet still felt great by the end of the day. Yay! Here's a close up of these bad boys.

Since you can't really tell in these pictures, I'll tell you that they're suede, brown wedges. How awesome. 

Want to see my outfit from this weekend? I know you doooo. It's pretty spectacular.

You know how everyone is wearing these green adirondack coats and how they cost a lot of money? Not mine. I found it at F21 for maybe $25. I'm amazing, I know. 
Anyway, here are the deets:
Top: The Limited
Coat: F21
Stretchy pants: Marshall's (too lazy to go find the brand for you)
Boots: I bought them from Steve Madden online. I think I might buy them in gray, too.

Are you digging my duds? 

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