Monday, October 8, 2012

Looking a Little Fall-y

One of my lovely (and funny) colleagues, Meg, said this very thing to me today. I did not tell her at the time, but it made me laugh. I do think I actually laughed, so I guess I did tell her. Anyway, today's outfit was beyond comfortable, which can sometimes be a bad thing. I sort of wanted to take a nap all day long. Or maybe that was the chilly, overcast weather?

Also, as you can very clearly see, I opted for bangs once again. Bangs are my fall and winter tradition. Being that I have curly hair, bangs are not so wonderful in the summer when my hair frizzes up and out (and not in that cute, Ms. Frizzle way). I was out to lunch on this particular bang cut; I thought they looked a little funny. However, so many colleagues and students complimented me that I figured I was just being overly critical and self-conscious.

Edit: My husband was upset to find that I did not include what he said to me this morning. I was unsure about my bangs and my outfit, to which he responded, "You look hot. Can I be a student in your classroom today?" Ah, I love him :) (and, no, I'm not just saying that because he'll be reading this commentary.)

Don't worry. I was not actually driving when I took this picture. I snapped it in the school parking lot. 

I'm still unsure about the color of my jeggings. I tried khaki, but that looked strange. I am thinking this color isn't wonderful either because I'm not sure these pants "go" with my boots. I should have worn my light khaki booties. Silly me. 

Whatever. I was comfortable, and my top had POCKETS. How can an outfit ever go wrong when pockets are involved? (I do realize there are plenty of ways an outfit could, in fact, go wrong with pockets.) 

In case you covet my duds, here's where I found all of it:

Top: Target (this one and I love this one I bought for my student aide)
Jeggings (or whatever they are): NY & Co. (these look comfortable)
Boots: Franco Sarto from Marshall's (some similar styles here)
Earrings: Old, so I have no idea. Probably Kohl's. 

What is your favorite "I look cute, but this outfit is so comfortable I want to sleep" outfit?
By the way, please do not judge me for the number of striped items in my closet. 
It's a sickness. A terrible, terrible sickness.

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