Sunday, October 14, 2012

Living Room Art DIY

So, this is what the shelf above the TV stand looked like before I set forth on my artwork quest. 
Those are wedding pictures.

And then those pictures ended up above my kitchen cabinets. (The wall color is now different.)


So, I needed something different. I wanted some art to pull together the color of my couches. I like stripes, so I went with that. Oh, and NO, I did not find any inspiration on Pinterest. This project came completely from my brain, and I feel pretty great about that. 

I bought some blue acrylic paint (30% off $1.99 at Michaels)...

Some black acrylic paint ($3.99 at Michaels) and a wooden letter ($3.99 at Michaels)...
Note: the letter was originally white, but I painted it black so that there'd be more contrast between the letter and the stripes.

Using painter's tape, which you can see in the above picture, I used the same method I used on my  bathroom walls. I bought this canvas at Michaels, too. My entire purchase was 20% off because I had a coupon. Woot woot. 

Using E-6000 (really potent adhesive at Michaels), I affixed the W to the canvas. 

I waited a few hours for it to dry. 

I rearranged some stuff, and this is where it stands now.  (Not sure how I feel about the "floating" candle on the left, but I'm too pooped to mess with it anymore.)

The photo on the right says, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Love it.

And here you can see the W and Snow White kicking ass.

And here's how Squirt feels about the whole ordeal.

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