Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anchors Away, it's Trendy Tuesday: Nautical or Knot

Welcome to this week's installment of Trendy Tuesday: Nautical or Knot, Stripes will Suffice.
If you visited these parts yesterday, you saw my pink blazer paired with a green skirt, which I planned to wear with today's outfit. This cardigan was slated for yesterday's look. At the last moment, I realized I wanted to make a switch.

I am listening to iTunes radio for the first time. I've been missing out! Move over, Pandora. 

Stacks of essays call my name, so I leave you with these few words.

The Look:
Cardigan: New York and Co. (old--similar from Target)
Scarf: Francesca's (similar from Old Navy)
Shirt: Express (old--similar from LL Bean for $25)
Belt: Men's section of Target (similar from American Eagle)
Jeans: Gap Outlet (same shade from Eddie Bauer for $20)
Boots: Ralph Lauren via DSW (similar by Franco Sarto)

Pardon my tag. Also, my hand feels naked when I forget my rings. Jeffery scolds me for it all of the time. It's just that they annoyingly swing around on my finger when it's cold outside.

Let's call this picture "demonic spirit hands" or "COME HUG ME, BLOGLAND," which is actually what I was screaming. Are you running away yet?

I have worn these jeans a lot, but here they are on the blog:

This shirt is part of one of my favorite looks EVER.

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  1. Love that vest with the green pants. It is so cute!!! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love this scarf and this nautical look is so cute without looking over the top.

  3. looking cute and you look so different as a brunette- just saying. Rachel xo

  4. Soooo cute! I am a sucker for anything nautical, so I am in love with outfit. Give me anchors and I am a happy gal.

  5. haha you are too cute. i love this outfit. the jeans and scarf are perfect together!

  6. It's so crazy to see you with not blonde hair. I really like this outfit, but the "hug me" photo scares me. I wonder if that's what I look like when I tell me husband to hug me? Hm. It would explain why he doesn't want to hug me. Also, swinging rings are the worst. I want to take mine off, but I'm pretty sure I'd lose it or a dog would eat it if I were to. Have fun grading essays! I should be doing that today, but cleaning my bedroom sounds infinitely more appealing.

  7. Oh man, it drives me crazy how much my fingers shrink in the winter! The good thing is that I got engaged in December, so my wedding rings are on the smaller side, but then they are a little too tight in the summer. I love the anchor print on that scarf! I was tempted by some cute options at F21 this weekend, but I'm trying not to go overboard with nautical items, because I think they are somewhat limited to the spring months.

  8. Hey this is perfect for nautical day! I wish I had seen your outfit first. I thought the bottoms had to be white or something. The navy looks fantastic with your green pants. Those are some pretty awesome pants by the way. I'm just waiting for an Old Navy sale to try those olive skinnies we talked about. Then I bet they'd look great with this color scheme. I may be copying this someday...

  9. Oh my gosh this outfit is too cute! I love the anchors and stripes together, obviously a good pair for a nautical outfit.

  10. Hi Danielle, you look adorable and we are twins today because I have a similar outfit on and even mentioned yours on my blog today. Of course I gave you a nice shot-out for Trendy Tuesday as usual. Absolutely love that scarf, so adorable and totally nautical. =)

  11. I honestly didn't even think that picture with the bangs was you - you look so different! I love it!

    Yay for green pants! And yay for nautical - you look great!

  12. I love the navy and green together and that scarf is adorable! I may have to try out this whole itunes radio thing, thanks for the heads up. Have fun grading papers! :D


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